animated arms_restrained bulge dark_skin legs_restrained restrained tentacle_rape

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Tags animated arms_restrained bulge dark_skin legs_restrained restrained tentacle_rape
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- Reply
Hirokun: Call me crazy, but I don't care too much for the bulgey ones.
- Reply
IMAZOMBIE_358: if its a dick bulge, its not my thing. if its a bulge from being filled with cum or eggs, love it.
- Reply
Breedinggirl: I don't mind if it's a dick bulge or a bulge made from being filled with cum or eggs but personally, I love those kind of bulges
- Reply
Hirokun: Haha, it's just that the dick bulge kind of looks silly to me. I would use the word "unrealistic" but then.. what is realistic about these anyway? :P
- Reply
Uzel: @Breedinggirl: I love all those types of bulges as well
- Reply
breedingslave: I'm not a big fan of it either because I feel like it'd really really hurt :C
- Reply
RHEI-RAT: It's an anime ?
- Reply
MysterOwns: It is hentai if someone has a huge dick(I.E. monster) of course it would bulge and yes it more or less hurts especially if its the first time. Now it does not need to be realistic too enjoy hentai right?
- Reply
MysterOwns: It is a H-Game. DOTD The Prison Dark Elf
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