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  • 11/30/16 - Anything that looks underage will be deleted, this includes images set in schools or children's cartoons as it is clear then that the characters are still underage.
  • 06/20/16 - Please upload only tentacle, monster or alien anime. Pictures of real people, bestiality, guro or loli will be deleted! Please tag your images. Absolutely no users or images under 18.
  • 09/25/15 - Please contact Azrael with any queries, and please report any images you feel do not meet the requirements of the site.


Please upload only tentacle, monster, alien or animal anime. no bestiality
Pictures of real people, guro, loli or off-topic furries will be deleted! Please tag your images. Do not use "unwilling" as a substitute for "rape"!

By accepting this agreement, you are confirming that you are of legal age in your jurisdiction to view pornography.

Any reference to being underage in the comments section will get you banned and all of your comments deleted.

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