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17819: tentacle_rape

tentacle_rape // 900x1200 // 665.3KB

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KaylaBlonde: if i were an adventurer.. well i'd do my best to be very picky what creatures i go against.. probably only low level ones so i'd never be abused like so..
gosh these tentacles are so abusive!
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Hypotoad: whhhat those are tears of happyness

the tentacles are gently teasing her clit with its many tendrils whilst gently but powerfully thrusting inside of her, she akso had a magic spell cast on her causing her breasts to produce an enourmous amount of milk

the tentacles are just making sure that the pressure inside of her breasts is not building up to the point where its uncomfortable and are trying to do so in the most pleasurable way possible C:

17711: tears tentacle_rape

tears tentacle_rape // 1213x1280 // 687.8KB

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KaylaBlonde: a princess or queen? hmm either she's now a new slave and oh boy what a way to get caught!

27273: Tentacle bulge nude rape triple_oral triple_penetration worms

Tentacle bulge nude rape triple_oral triple_penetration worms // 1200x900 // 129.1KB

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3rddon: OUCH!!!

25386: meatwall tentacles

meatwall tentacles // 640x480 // 84.7KB

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Azrael: I expect it will be sorted soon one way or the other
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TheWatcher-: I really hope so...
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Dolph: Kayla i'm interested in writing RP also^^

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KaylaBlonde: Well, Dolph.. Feel free to RP with me!

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3rddon: You will be a busy are waiting in line for RP...i would love to also!!

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3rddon: But a warning....i can keep on going,when inspired!!

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KaylaBlonde: i'm already busy with the real world.. so much it seems RPing doesnt really work out. especially when the RP partner doesnt get the idea that i dont got all day to play ;P

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3rddon: :/

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KaylaBlonde: well it doesnt hurt to try and RP at least.. so if you really want to, just get at me on yahoo messenger. same screen name.
sometimes just thinking about such images gets me blushing

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3rddon: blushing is good!
have to get on yahoo soon!

17903: tentacle_rape

tentacle_rape // 750x563 // 88.6KB

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KaylaBlonde: golly, they're squeezing so roughly!

27277: tentacles

tentacles // 576x900 // 236.1KB
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MysterOwns: Any source for this comic =o
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Squishy: it's only one piece of artwork. I guess the way the artist places their name on it kind of makes it look like it should be a full comic

27291: artist_Trashup monster_slimecovered

artist_Trashup monster_slimecovered // 640x480 // 138.6KB

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MegumiZero: its licking off its own jizz.

27280: Tentacle artist_Faustie rape

Tentacle artist_Faustie rape // 955x1024 // 569.1KB

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MegumiZero: She looks like she's ready to pass out.

27285: tentacle_rape_vore

tentacle_rape_vore // 900x1530 // 299.9KB
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Hypotoad: oooo so helpless

6952: Tentacle censored elf willing

Tentacle censored elf willing // 800x600 // 431.6KB

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keren_sky: Bit young?
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poplatino44: Not really id say 15, 16 perhaps( but why do they care). Great pic btw, she look cute.

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KaylaBlonde: dont give up yet! scratch, bite! kick and fight!
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Hypotoad: oh kayla you make my day... now to warp what you just said Muahahahahaha!!!

you see Kayla is pretending to be on the elfs side, but really deep down inside she knows that attempting to injure the monster will only make it rape the poor lass harder... and Kayla gets off on that thought

Muahahaha I am hypotoad corrupter of words
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