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MagicalGirlKlutz: Love that spaced out look! That leash must have a hand to go with it, I think her owner gave her a treat for being a good girl~
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MTaylor: Just shows how much she is enjoying life and the things being done to her! She's completely satisfied.

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CutieNix: Aaaah! This looks so comfortable. I love this pic!
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: What can I say? Some of us monsters know how to treat a lady.

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: Hopefully those monsters are always looking for ladies' well. :3
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @CutieNix But of course! As discerning creatures of the night, we are ever... shall we say 'on the hunt' for damsels in need of some appreciation. Do I, perhaps, sense a volunteer? Do feel free to reach out, should you find yourself in need of the kind of attention that only comes from congeries of stroking tendrils, lapping tongues, sucking appendages and thrusting members. We beasts can be ever so accommodating.

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: That's good to hear! And perhaps! This volunteer would have to be caught, though. She's very lazy and resistant :P
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @CutieNix: Well now that is just terrible to hear. Resisting something you crave so clearly! *tendrils slither across the ground, darting the expanse between us and wrapping around your ankles* Come now, this -is- for your own good, after all.

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MagicalGirlKlutz: ...I think you two should allow for an audience. For the greater good and...the enlightment of society!

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The_Mr_J: Careful, @MagicalGirlKlutz, if you get too close while you're watching, Gentleman_Shoggoth might ensnare you in his tentacles as well.

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MagicalGirlKlutz: Ha but I am sneaky like a ninja! I am the night, I--*trips and falls flat on her face*--meant to do that...

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CutieNix: Why have an audience when they could join the fun as well? ;)
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @The_Mr_J: Naturally, the Mister J is very perceptive indeed. These tendrils seem to have a mind of their own at times. Despite my capable control, there is a definite 'splash zone' which may entail some peril.

@MagicalGirlKlutz: Oh dear! That was quite a spill. Allow me to help you up. *a swarm of around nine tendrils slither over to your body, coiling around your wrists, ankles and waist, lifting you back onto your feet* There, that is much better. Let's just get you cleaned up. *The tendrils holding your wrists lift you just a little higher, pulling you up to your tip toes, just barely allowing you to touch the floor as other tendrils begin to brush the dirt off of your clothes, brushing especially firmly and slowly over your breasts and thighs*

@CutieNix: *as tentacles drag you by the ankles closer to the pool of much from which they emerged* Aren't you lovely? Offering to share my attention with others? How divine of you! *the tendrils rapidly begin to coil around your legs, slithering up your thighs and squirming towards your nethers* You should certainly be rewarded for your selflessness, wouldn't you agree? *Additional tendrils squirm over your wrists as well, lifting you up in similar fashion beside Miss Klutz, bringing you to face eachother as the tentacles grow bolder and more insistent* I could always set up a forum wherein you and your delightful Magical Girl associate could be proudly displayed as we continue this therapeutic session. Would you like that?

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The_Mr_J: I'm pretty sure @MagicalGirlKlutz fell over on purpose.

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: Agh! Oh no! Where did these tentacles come from?! *She squirms meekly as she is pulled towards the pit.

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CutieNix: When the tendrils reach her thighs, she begins to blush and screams with a high-pitched, girly voice*

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CutieNix: Kyah~! W-what kind of a reward are we talking about? *She continues her meek resistance when the tendrils wrap around her wrists and us lifted up.*
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @CutieNix: Hmm, what kind of reward indeed. *I muse over the question as the tendrils move up your thighs, slipping under your skirt, wrapping around your waist and pressing firmly against your clothed nethers, grinding there and slowly working you up* I think I have an idea. Why don't you tell me two or three of your favorite image tags on this lovely site, hm? *additional tendrils begin to invade your shirt, slithering down your cleavage and wrapping around your breasts, squeezing them tight* If you tell me, I will make sure that your reward is equivalent to your generosity. Perhaps @MagicalGirlKlutz would be so kind as to let you enjoy subjecting her to it first, so you can watch your fantasy play out before experiencing it yourself.

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: I want to move my hands down and try to stop them, or at least try to as I whimper and moan."U-uh... triple prenetation, milking and-and-and... bukkake or filled with cum. I dunno!"
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @CutieNix: Ahh, how delightfully sinful. Excellent choices each of them. I am sure we can find a way to fulfill those requests.

*The tendrils that writhe under your clothes flex strongly, tearing the fabric and shredding your outfit. The tatters fall to the floor, leaving you highly vulnerable in only your underwear as the firm appendages that hold you in place begin to manipulate your body a bit more purposefully. Your arms are pulled independently behind your back and bound together, as all of your restraints travel upwards. In moments, you are dangling from your arms and legs, your feet held much higher than your head, causing your breasts to swing low in spite of the bra trying to restrain them.*

Allow me to help you with that, my dear.

*A thoughtful tentacle unsnaps your bra, loosening the cups. It slips under your torso and hooks into them, pulling roughly to tear the shoulderbands and send it drifting to the floor. It winds once around your waist, offering a little more support for the compromising, vulnerable position you're being held in, then coiling around your liberated tits, giving them a tight squeeze.*

Yes, this is much better, wouldn't you say?

*A new cadre of deliberately designed tentacles emerge from the muck below. Two narrow ones orient on your breasts, questing suckers on long shafts that eclipse your areola, latching into place over your stiff peaks as a faint suction begins. A third emerges, a fleshy but cone-shaped hood on the end of the shaft buffered by strangely bulbous orbs built into the supporting vine. It takes up a position behind you as your legs are pulled roughly apart, and and as you dangle you can feel it press gently against your winking backdoor, secreting a slick oil there. Two additional, much more substantial tendrils follow, these mimicking the rough shape of human cocks, though a thicker, fleshier configuration. One approaches you from behind, nudging your panties out of the way as it begins to tease your moist lips, while its brother takes up a position just in front of your downward-facing eyes, bobbing hypnotically before you.*

What do you say, Miss Nix? Shall we begin?

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: I let out a timid yelp as my clothes are ripped apart and breathe nervously through my open mouth. I'm blushing as my vulnerable, young and sexy body is revealed to the public. Feeling the heat on my cheeks rise up and my pulse increasing while my pose is changed. I look at my bra fall and gasp followed by a moan when it squeezes my tits.

"A-ah. I wouldn't know." I say back to the voice almost whispering like I'm too nervous to talk.

When the suckers appear into my view just below my hanging breasts, I visibly blush deeper. Breathing now audibly. I immediately yelp when they latch onto my hard nipples and start sucking. Keeping my voice down is becoming harder. I cannot see directly behind me, but I notice my legs being spread apart and my whimper follows. Tensing up as I yelp when I feel something hard and slick probing against my ass. My whimpering becomes almost continuous when I feel something hard and bigger than the last one rubbing against my pussy lips. If that tentacle wasn't moist already, it would soon be. My eyes lock onto the one approaching my face, making that lewd gesture. I can feel my face starting to burn and many of my sensitive places starting to ache.

Afraid to answer, I bite my lip nervously. "D-didn't you say that you would start with @MagicalGirlKlutz: ?" I asked unless my question was abruptly interrupted.

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The_Mr_J: Awww. It looks like you guys keep missing each other. I have a feeling those tentacles really need to get to work.

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MagicalGirlKlutz: @The_Mr_J: Lies and slander! I would never! :p

@Gentleman_Shoggoth: oh,uh-h thanks? *I squirm a little as some more...sensitive parts are grazed* Really that is... *I trail off as I see Nix's treatment, blushing even as I lean forward to watch intently. The blush darkens as the offer to use me as a guinea pig is made. While others might have a fight or flight response, mine seems to be more stutter or blush...all the more worse when I hear Nix's fantasies. Curiousity, a little fear, but mostly desire.

The world narrows for a time as I watch her stripped and carassed, gaze locked on those suckers, biting down on my lip hard to keep quiet. I can feel a wetness between my legs, that feeling urgent enough now to banish the embarassment for the moment. Well, until Nix brings attention to me again...*

H-hey! You're doing so well, why quit now? *I grin teasingly.* I'm sure you would look lovely stuffed and painted with cum

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The_Mr_J: @MagicalGirlKlutz: Oh? Are you saying that you didn't purposely trip over a tentacle so it would notice you and start to slide up your body? Are you saying that you're not jealous of watching @CutieNix get all that loving attention from @Gentleman_Shoggoth?

Don't you want those tentacles to slide up your body? Don't you want them to strip you out of your clothes and tease your body? Don't you want to join CutienNix in trembling in pleasure? I'm sure you can just image what it would feel like right now, those tentacles wrapped around you, immobilizing you. The bulbous point of one rubbing on your panties, getting your slit wet in anticipation. Another tentacle forcing its way into your mouth, sucking and draining your mind of any free will. Making you helpless to escape.

How long are you going to watch CutieNix get her holes stuffed before you start begging to be given the same treatment?

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CutieNix: "H-hey! That's rude guys @The_Mr_J: @MagicalGirlKlutz: ! *My words are shaky and abrupt between my moans.* Klutz can go first if she so much desires!
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @CutieNix: Ahh, so you would prefer first to watch. My apologies! I didn't realize that you were such the voyeur, Miss Nix. It would, of course, be my pleasure to let you preview the entertainment.

*In the moment, all of the tendrils that had been teasing at your orifices playing with your nipples disengage, leaving you suspended but achingly untended to. You watch one by one as they abandon you, leaving you dangling helplessly, only to watch as the implements find their way to another "victim"*

@MagicalGirlKlutz: I do hope you don't mind, my dear. Ms. Nix was so kind as to include you in the proceedings, so it does seem only fair, does it not?

*Similarly to the plight of CutieNix, you are lifted off of the ground by the tendrils that hold your wrists and ankles. While CutieNix found her legs elevated above her head, breasts hanging low and facing the ground, you are dangled in front of her in an optimal viewing position. Your legs are raised the highest as well, but you are made to face up, staring the other tangled prey in the eyes. A long slimy vine wraps around your waist to give you support, as your wrists are separated, and you are held in a faintly 'x' configuration with your head at the lowest point.*

Tell me, lovely Magical Girl, do you have a favorite site tag as well? I wouldn't want you to feel I'm giving Miss Nix preferable treatment. If you'd be willing to share, I believe I can make it worth your while.

*The small strands that shredded Nix's clothes are conspiciously absent as the larger, firmer, cock-shaped tendrils orient on you directly. One slithers under the hem of your shirt at your waist, wriggling across your belly and through your cleavage, winding under the band of your bra before emerging from the neckline. It orients on your face, the tip leaking precum and nudging your lips, a strange affectionate action not unlike a kiss. The other finds its way into your skirt from behind you, providing support as it coils directly under your panties, following the cleft of your backside through to the front, rubbing generously against your warm nethers.*

I apologize, my dear, but you will not be needing these clothes anymore.

*both tendrils flex violently, ripping your clothes in half and letting them fall to the floor, leaving you bare before CutieNix. Your breasts seem all the larger as they rest on your chest, a quick-acting tentacle raising from the muck to wrap them just as Nix experienced, encircling them and giving them a tight squeeze as the sucking tips find their way to you and attach immediately. The suction is intense, however you swear you can feel the stimulating licks of a small tongue within, circling your peaks and stiffening them in seconds.*

I hope you're quite ready, Miss Magical Girl. We must give your audience what they're craving, mustn't we?

*The larger cocks now begin to circle you. A large one begins to nudge playfully at your pussy lips, while the conical beaded tendril begins to lubricate your asshole, preparing you for whats to come. Even the one at your lips begins to quiver with excitement, precum beading at the tip as it orients on your mouth. Without the time to think, the first cock penetrates, pressing firmly against your sopping wet slit and wriggling energetically, stretching the opening to accommodate its forceful arrival. As if sensing your distress, the tendrils that suspend you squeeze you reassuringly, though your journey is far from over*

That's one down. Well done! I'd like to hear your voice for this next one, so we'll save your mouth for last.

*The tendril that has prepared your backdoor begins to prod against it enthusiastically as the first begins to find a rhythm to enter and exit, beginning to fuck you in earnest. It waits out the rhythm of contraction and release in your winking asshole, waiting for just the right moment when you are unprepared before it strikes. The pointed head enters you effortlessly, though as it widens you quickly feel the stretch as it fills your tight hole in an instant. No amount of clamping down can stop it now. It's inside of you, hilted to the first orb in the vine*

Ahh, yes. Very nice indeed. You are an excellent specimen, Ms. Magical Girl.

*The final cock-shaped appendage thrusts forwards, pressing between your lips and forcing it's way into your mouth, caressing intentionally against your tongue, thrusting shallowly into you at first, muffling your sounds. Your breasts bound with each squelching thrust. It is the true definition of lewdness, your body being violated rapturously while Miss Nix beholds her requests being enacted on you*

@CutieNix: Well, Miss Nix? Does this please you? Do you enjoy watching this girl get what you so desperately desire?

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MagicalGirlKlutz: @The_Mr_J @CutieNix @Gentleman_Shoggoth

W-well I didn't say--What I mean is that's not-- *I shake my head, sighing ruefully. I tug lightly at the tendrils that bind my wrists and giggle* I believe the point is, as they say, moot. *I stick my tongue out at Mr. J as Nix protests, then turn and grin at her* Should have been more careful what you wished for~

*But then Karma decides to have her fun and the tentacles turn to me, instead. Startled, I open my mouth to voice some protest, instead feeling the air leave my lungs as I am brought close to stripped and sweetly tortured Nix. I grin then, giving in to the inevitable*

Well, I'm in for it now. Thanks ever so, friend~

"Tell me, lovely Magical Girl, do you have a favorite site tag as well? I wouldn't want you to feel I'm giving Miss Nix preferable treatment. If you'd be willing to share, I believe I can make it worth your while."

*I pause to consider the question then nod* For now? ...Surprise, anticipation. Consider it gentleman's choice as you are being so accommodating. *I wiggle a little in my binds, giggling again* Well, and so many of my favorite things are already present~

*I shiver as the tentacles begin to explore my body, lips parting in a soft gasp. I don't hesitate to 'kiss' back as one nears my mouth, licking the tip. My gaze flickers up to Nix, winking cheekily at her.*

He's almost sweet, isn't he? *I lick my lips, and grin wickedly* In all senses of the word.

"I apologize, my dear, but you will not be needing these clothes anymore. "

*There is surprise and a brief moment of regret as my clothes are torn from my body. I had rather liked that skirt...but then the tentacles begin suckling my breasts and hell I can always buy another* Oh, ah-hah that's... *Intense? Strong? I reach for words that aren't they and rely on a low moan to convey the feeling. My back arcs as I moan in pleasure, pulling at my bonds, wanting to both get away from the stimulation and draw nearer.*

"I hope you're quite ready, Miss Magical Girl. We must give your audience what they're craving, mustn't we?"

Always ready to serve! *I giggle breathlessly, curiousity and desire having long driven fear away. There's just that need and a promise that it will be fulfilled and soon.

Then one of the tentacles is pushing inside me; rough, and hard, but well lubed from my juices and theirs. There is pain, but it only adds an edge to the pleasure that is threatening taking my breath away entirely. As it moves inside me, stretching me wide open, that is what elicits the cry from my lips, the shaking moan that follows.*

"That's one down. Well done! I'd like to hear your voice for this next one, so we'll save your mouth for last."

Ha...how con...ah, considerate.

*My hips want to move, my body to writhe, as I am stretched open by the second tentacle. Gasping now, I struggle to relax even as I feel that orb pressed against me and the knowledge of what is coming settles in. Relaxrelaxrelax--*

"Ahh, yes. Very nice indeed. You are an excellent specimen, Ms. Magical Girl."


*Only Nix will likely see the twitching eyebrow, the short eyeroll, the mouthed 'gee thanks'. A certain amount of sass is...acceptable but you don't mouth off to the guy who as something that feels like the size of a globe pressed against your ass. Not directly, anyway.

I take in the last tentacle, sucking on the tip as it begins to push in and out of my mouth. My tongue slides along the bottom, teasing, caressing. Drool begins to drip down my chin as I moan again, the tentacle in my cunt pushing against a sensitive spot.

It's too much, too much, but I want more all the same.*
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @MagicalGirlKlutz: *Your response seems to draw a thoughtful smirk out of the various mouths constantly forming and melting infinitely in the protoplasmic goo beneath you.*

How very daring of you, selecting -surprise- and -anticipation-! Having thoroughly studied this website, and delved deep into its treasures, I can think of all manner of uses for a succulent little treat such as yourself. You are either very trusting, or very -slutty- indeed. I can't wait to find out which!

*The various appendages continue to thrust into you, working shallowly, well within the confines of human capability, for a time. As they do, additional appendages emerge from the vast, ancient ooze beneath you -- some larger, some smaller -- and they begin to inquisitively investigate your body, looking for any potential source of pleasure.*

You wanted to see the delightful Miss Nix painted with cum? Overflowing, perhaps? I trust you would be willing to demonstrate what a proper cumslut looks like when covered head to toe, leaking from every hole?

*Sure enough, the vine-mounted prongs begin to discover new and interesting ways to enjoy your bouncing, writhing body. Your outstretched legs are tethered at the knee and bent so your ankles rest against the back of your thighs, and two of those intrepid cocks find their way between your thighs and calves, two others finding solace thrusting between the soles of your feet and your ample ass. Another works between your breasts, squeezed tight by their own fleshy lashings, thrusting betwixt the soft mounds with abandon. Your arms are drawn to your sides, another meaty vine wrapping just below your breasts to tether them in place, being folded in upon yourself for my fucking enjoyment, while two more cocks rise from below to thrust between your arms and tits. Aching, throbbing members present themselves into your palms, gently gliding against the soft skin of your hands, encouraging you to grab their slick surfaces.*

I do hope I'm not overwhelming you, sweet girl. You seem to be a very capable creature, though. I think we can go further still, yes?

*Several more tendrils that have been searching you for stimulation, miserably caressing you to find a fuckable space, seem to give up on the hunt. However, they do not withdraw. Instead, they begin to feel around your already stuffed holes. Two more narrow tendrils slither around your wet slit, lavishing attention and moisture to your puffy, battered lips, while another attacks your swollen little pleasure button with firm pressure and rapid gyrations. One more cock finds its way in front of your face, seeing your mouth sloppily sucking at another, and deciding that there is sufficient room for one more, pressing past your lips and greedily taking up even more space in your jaw.*

*Meanwhile, you begin to feel the cock invading your tight little backdoor is on the move, shifting and shimmying inside you, threatening you with that thick orb that presses firmly against your tight ring. Mouths below you begin to hum in glorious enjoyment as they feel your efforts to relax, allowing the thing to inch into you just before your body rebels, fighting the penetration fiercely and pushing it back out. You know that it's coming, that one way or another your asshole will give way and allow it in, or that I will force it in for you, but with the overstimulation of nearly every other inch of your body, it's just a question of whether your mind or your asshole caves first.*

*Now on display to Nix, your body is tightly bound, legs and arms tied back tightly in a shrinking and infinitely fuckable package. Every part of you is being fucked ragged, and you're given no quarter to move, let alone escape. Only limited writhing is permitted in your newly bound state.*

Now then, how do we surprise someone so exquisitely worldly, so sinfully sexy and accommodating? How do we build the anticipation you delight in? *I seem to mull the conundrum for a moment, the mouths pursed in consideration before a grin begins to break out over a few* Ahh, but of course.

*Small cillia begin to creep up our spine, over your shoulders and ascending your neck until they reach your ears. They first nudge and rub your earlobes, caressing the cartilage around the rim before swabbing gently just inside. They dive threateningly towards your ear canal before slipping away, continuing to fondle the lobes and cartilage, tingling faintly as they do.*

*At the same time, another glistening member emerges from the muck, floating in front of you for a long moment, squirming and writhing, uncomfortably full of -something-. Orbs, glowing faintly, small flickering shapes evident within each one, illuminated from within. It appears to be filled with eggs, eager to share, and giving you a long moment to take in the sight.*

*As if preparing one additional possibility for your overstimulated mind, your entire body is tilted backwards further, forcing your eyes down into the muck below. One mouth seems to grow in size, overtaking a large surface of the formless shape below, widening into an open maw. Within, meaty congeries of writhing tendrils, reaching and grasping for you, as if to grab you and pull you in. They are infinite, slick and wriggling with anticipation for you. The cocks leave your mouth for a mere moment, leaking precum, twitching emphatically; they are not far from cumming.*

I am curious, my luscious magical fucktoy. What do you anticipate is about to happen to you next?

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: @MagicalGirlKlutz: Once the tentacles that were ready to assault me and some that were already teasing me. I watched it happen with some disappointment and half-wishing that I would have just shut up as I watch them retreating one by one. Damn my mouth being stubborn, nervous and sticking to the original idea when I was going to live through the fantasy myself. But unless anyone can read my mind, I don't express it in any way except subtly in my face, but they would only indicate my feelings anyway.

I'm reminded of my wish that I had almost forgotten when I was experiencing it. I laugh shakily when she says to me: "Should have been more careful what you wished for~" saying back: "Well, this was my original wish anyway. My gift to you, you could say." My tone had changed from the timid and scared little girl to normal and smug. Did I regain my courage or was it just an act?

First I don't feel or react much when Klutz experiences what I went through just now. Maybe blushing a little at the reminder. I flinch into place when I hear the similar question asked from her, my eyebrows lifted like you're waiting in a shock. I hear that it's not my turn... just yet from Klutz's own mouth and I'm not sure how I should feel about that. What would she choose for me when it's my turn? Our eyes meet and I gaze back blushing a bit more as she winks. "H-he indeed is. I dunno about in all senses, but... he is sweet."

I watch closely as she is repositioned, tendrils sneaking their way under her garments and then finally ripping them off! "Ooh!"I twitch at the sight. First noticeable reaction out of me after turning to spectation. Here it begins. I quietly watch as the act progresses, becoming excited when it's in the phase where I just was and is about to go further. Then it does. I gasp out silently with her as she gets penetrated, my mouth opened up. One by one her holes get stuffed and I can feel myself going from just wet to dripping. At the point where she's being fucked in all three orifices, my face is making a smirk with eyes maniacally wide, blinking as rarely as possible. In this state I say out loud with a stable voice:

"Yes. Yes, I love this."

If I could, I would move my hand to my crotch and just start rubbing, but I'm so focused on the show that I've forgotten that I'm naked, suspended in air and bound as well. Just like the subject right in front of me, gleeing over at the movie playing before me. I chuckle a little her subtle reaction to being called an excellent specimen.
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: "Exquisite, you do certainly seem to be enjoying yourself," I simper as your body quivers with anticipation and envy as you watch Klutz being used in every possible sense of the word. She dangles in front of you, fully on display to your lustful eyes, though I raise you slightly higher so that you can watch in transfixed mesmerization as cocks pound into Klutz's holes from a better vantage.

Even as you watch the events unfold before you raptly, I can sense the aching need -- that urge you feel to touch yourself while you watch Klutz experience everything you've described and more. A wayward tendril finds its way to your nethers, gently grazing over your lower lips, grinding against your sopping wetness enthusiastically. Just enough to help you lose yourself further, encouraging this new, bold Nix to keep talking, and to keep pushing the situation further.

"What do you think will happen to her, Miss Nix?" I inquire, the tendrils at her ears wriggling even more enthusiastically as the ovipositor sways hypnotically in front of her, and the swarming army of tendrils in the maw below the tightly bound girl begin to go wild, reaching and grasping for her to drag her in, but falling just short.

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CutieNix: My demeanor doesn't change much while I'm watching Klutz's body being ravaged according to my wishes. It makes me feel
slightly more powerful. Hearing him point out how I appear makes flinch back to reality, like sight just widened up before me. Was it that obvious already?

Briefly I look down without answering, feeling slightly embarrassed. My gaze returns to Klutz. I instantly notice the difference in angle, getting a better view of her front side. My face returns to smirk, but not as visible as before.
"You seem to be enjoying this a lot, girl." I say with my face oriented up so that my eyes are turned downwards, like I was looking down.

Some time goes on and I'm again immersed into the show. I can feel something that feels like a finger rubbing me down my vulva. But focused on the vista, I'm not sure if they are my own fingers, but it's filling me with pleasure. I don't care. More nectar drips down onto the floor beneath, like a gentle rain. My heart rate increasing and the same with my blood pressure, drumming in my chest and pulsing through my veins. My body warming up.

"Mmm~! She'll be filled with cum, so hot and thick that she would feel like happy to drown in it. After she regains her senses, her womb'll be filled to the brim with eggs." I answer high and mighty to the question presented to me, but like talking wakes me up from a dream, my voice turns timid and I add "...or something like that." Feeling a bit hesitant like I was sensing it's not exactly what everyone in the quiet audience wants.

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MagicalGirlKlutz: (Sidenote, sorry for slow responses. In the middle of a move and focusing much of my free time on making my living space habitable.)

"How very daring of you, selecting -surprise- and -anticipation-! Having thoroughly studied this website, and delved deep into its treasures, I can think of all manner of uses for a succulent little treat such as yourself. You are either very trusting, or very -slutty- indeed. I can't wait to find out which!"

*The answer was...both? Probably both, but a declaration like that was certainly...worrying. Trying to think clearly was just exhausting, particularly as more tentacles approached. Where does he think he's going to put those...?*

"You wanted to see the delightful Miss Nix painted with cum? Overflowing, perhaps? I trust you would be willing to demonstrate what a proper cumslut looks like when covered head to toe, leaking from every hole?"

*I tighten around the thrusting tentacles, sucking hard on the one in my mouth, and moaning a little. Ready, willing, eager for it. As my body is contorted into strange shapes to please those lusty appendages, I find new pleasures in being penetrated this way. Parts of me fucked I had never considered remotely sexy. A bound sex toy to be enjoy in every way. My hands grasp eagerly at the tentacles, stroking as much as I am able. The idea the I am now only a series of holes to fuck is enough to send me over the edge, my body stiffening as I cum hard.*

"You seem to be enjoying this a lot, girl."

*That I am! I grunt in response, wiggling happily in my bonds.*

"I do hope I'm not overwhelming you, sweet girl. You seem to be a very capable creature, though. I think we can go further still, yes?"

*A challenge! I can take whatever you throw at me! I've got this! Then the tendrils start in on my cunt and it's a little more 'ohgodohgodohgod' the tendril on my clit sending me over again but it doesn't stop there, it keeps pushing and fuckfuckfuck there's another pushing into my mouth god I can taste the precum sliding down my throat, my jaw creaking with every thrust, my tongue pressed against the twinging tentacles, drool dripping down my throat and chest, just relaxrelaxrelax as the orb pushes at my ass and fuck it's bigger than I thought it might rip me apart and a sound rips from my throat, blocked by the two thrusting tentacles yet still audible a half scream, half moan. I want it, it won't fit, god but I want it, it will tear me apart. Playing like a loop in my head.*

"Now then, how do we surprise someone so exquisitely worldly, so sinfully sexy and accommodating? How do we build the anticipation you delight in? .... Ahh, but of course."

*Your voice snaps me out of the daze as I slowly realize you aren't anywhere near done coming up with new things to do to me. The small touches along my spine make me shiver, the caresses along my ears oddly gentle compared to how the rest of my body is being treated. I stiffen as they dart within, expecting I know what will occur, but you are teasing me again.

My tired mind attempts to count the eggs that are presented to me but all I can think of is how much my belly would swell with them and your cum inside me and I cum again as I am tilted back, a dizzying view presented of a hungry maw reaching out for me. A small sound of protest as the tentacles pull away from my mouth though the question distracts me from being deprived of my treat.*

"I am curious, my luscious magical fucktoy. What do you anticipate is about to happen to you next?"

*My mind scrambles for words to put together into a sentence, still somewhat hypnotized by the view below me. What do I anticipate? Besides being fucked and fucked with?*

"What do you think will happen to her, Miss Nix?"

*My ears perk up at this, curious to see what trouble my new friend might get me into now. I grin at the thought, craning my neck to look.*

"Mmm~! She'll be filled with cum, so hot and thick that she would feel like happy to drown in it. After she regains her senses, her womb'll be filled to the brim with eggs. .... ...or something like that."

*I rasp my assent, twitching a little at the thought.*

An excellent and lovely idea darling Nix! My thanks~

*I make a kissing noise more or less in her direction, contorted as I am my sense of the world is a bit screwy. I hum thoughtfully then add:*

Shoggoth, you said you didn't know whether I was trusting or slutty. If I said I was greedy and anticipated d) all of the above, would that answer your question?

*I would be absolutely ruined after but one doesn't get into my line of work with a senise of self preservation intact! And what fun it would be, afterall.*

(@Nix: No worries dear, this is partly for your pleasure, too! And I'm fairly flexible, figureatively speaking, though Shoggoth seems determined to put the literal sense to the test~)

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CutieNix: (It's alright, @MagicalGirlKlutz: . Take your time and hope your move went well! Well, I'm glad my wishes are pleasing you! ;) Perhaps it's your turn to choose afterwards. I think this is the best and most fun way to test your flexibility~!)
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @MagicalGirlKlutz: (I am uniquely sympathetic, as I will be moving in next week! Please take your time and good luck with the move! I'm sure I can find someone else to play with if you are needed elsewhere. *turns attention slowly to Nix*)

@CutieNix: Your suggestion does not go unnoticed. As your boldness increases, the pressure behind the questing tendril pleasuring your lower lips intensifies. The appendage arcs, pressing firmly against your clit as the tip finds its way to your entrance, wriggling inside of you. It is highly attentive, sensing your enjoyment based on the way it feels you tighten, shiver, grip and grind against it. In no time at all, it has sussed out your g-spot, and begins to attack it ruthlessly. You know deep in your mind that this pleasure isn't even close to what Klutz is presently experiencing, but it is certainly an appetizer as she will invariably have some pointed suggestions to turn the situation back upon you. Your turn is coming.

@MagicalGirlKlutz: "Miss Klutz," the mouths whisper. "That would be the very -best- answer to my question."

On cue, the myriad tendrils that pleasure you and take pleasure from you begin to move at a fever pitch. Both cocks dart back into your mouth, slickening your wet lips as they begin to plunge deep into your throat with alternating thrusts, causing your neck to bulge attractively with each synchronized invasion as Nix watches from the optimal viewing angle. Your body is nearly vibrating with the constant shoving and pushing of cocks plowing against you in every direction. You truly have been converted into tightly packaged fuckmeat.

The orb continues to press insistently at your backside, each attempt overwhelming your system with the primal desire and fear tugging at your lust-riddled mind since it was introduced. "I think it's time that we put this where it belongs, don't you?" the mouths coo, as the orb pulses warmly against your back door, expanding and contracting slightly with anticipation. "But, you're being such a good sport. Why don't we make it a little easier for you to take? After all, this is a lesson for you ladies, as well as us monsters, on how you should be treated, isn't it?"

The tendrils gently caressing your ears begin to move more purposefully, delivering a calming stroke on your inner ear before beginning to press deeper, wriggling further in. The sensation is... -unusual- to say the least, and rather uncomfortable, and you hear a sickly biological 'pop' as you feel them inside your head. But then, something strange happens. It's subtle, at first, but all of the pain -- your stretched lips, your plugged pussy, even your aching muscles from the position you've been bound into -- starts to fade away, replaced by an equal measure of euphoric ecstacy. Those sneaky tendrils have altered your mind now, making an even more receptive toy for their master.

"There," my voice coos, as you feel the pressure at your backdoor increase exponentially. You're sure there is pain -- by God there must be pain -- but you're unaware of it, only conscious of how the sensation of that orb stretching your tightest little hole feels curiously like the hardest orgasm you've ever experienced. It lasts for a long moment as you expand to make room, and the sensation is almost maddening as it finally breaks you and slips inside, allowing your taut hole to relax, knowing you've survived it. At least for a moment. You can feel another orb beginning to press against your tight ass again, and this one feels even larger.

As you cum again, you can feel the twitching of the swarm of cocks deriving pleasure from you begin, and you know you're about to be painted white.

The first to go is the cock pounding your aching snatch, its length and girth enough to fill you almost completely, ravaging you at a desperate pace until it buries itself inside you, and you feel the sudden flood of molten cum overwhelm the tired organ. With your hips elevated, the sticky fluid that manages to escape the almost airtight seal bubbles down your stomach towards your chest. Within seconds, another eruption, this one deep in your throat, pulsing gushes of cum seeping into your stomach and filling you in seconds. The other cock that had been enjoying your lips, with no place to go as your esophagus is already occupied by the other greedy cock, withdraws from you, twitching violently as it releases its load over your face, coating you completely and dripping into your hair. It is thick, running over you like warm syrup, just as Nix had requested.

One by one the other cocks finding pleasure in your body sound off as well, erupting and splashing their gift onto your skin. The cocks that you've been masterfully stroking off with your hands pulse violently in your grip, hosing hot liquid all over your arms and shoulders, dousing your magnificent tits, just as the one thrusting between your cleavage withdraws, dumping an enormous amount over your stomach, breasts, neck and chin. The cocks that enthusiastically fucked your thighs and soles of your feet erupt similarly, coating your lower body in a thick stream as well.

Every part of you glistens in pearlescent ooze, and many of the donor cocks withdraw from you, leaving you dangling from the meaty vines that secure you in the air. "You are beautiful, Miss Klutz," I whisper as you begin to catch your breath. "This is how you look at your most elegant, dripping from head to toe. I have always said that a woman is at her loveliest state when she is covered in cum. Wouldn't you agree, Miss Nix?"

Though most of the other cocks have left you, still moving around the periphery of the room, you remain impaled on the bulbous appendage wriggling its way into your asshole. Sensing the opportunity, the egg-filled proboscis begins to move in on you as well, its tip dripping with excitement and beginning to massage your labia with considerable interest. The cock that came before it prepared you well, and it slips inside of you, preparing to deliver its precious cargo to your deepest, most secret places.

Even with the two appendages violating you now, there's a strange feeling of loss from the absence of all of the other stimulation you were receiving. This does not appear to be a concern for long, however, as most of the supporting vines leave you, and you are held horizontally only by the tendrils at your ankles and wrists. You are held face up, and you gradually sense yourself being lowered into the maw below -- that terrifying place that looks as wonderful as it does menacing.

You begin to feel the hot snapping of the thousands of small, meaty tentacles below you, and in seconds you can feel yourself lowered onto a bed of them, each one wriggling and writhing against your back, fitting your form to allow you to lie back and enjoy -- a highly comfortable, if a bit unusual, living bed. Some reach up and wrap over your arms and legs, releasing the longer vines to withdraw from the pit. It is strangely like being massaged by thousands of wriggling, slimy fingers. As they begin to explore your body, touching and caressing you all over at first, though they are waiting for my command before truly taking advantage of you, and there is something I must know before I lose you to the pleasure.

"Miss Klutz, while I have your attention, did you want to propose a fate for the lovely Miss Nix?"

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CutieNix: (*I look back at Soggoth with a confused look and with small awkwardness.*)

I keep watching Klutz, never looking anywhere else and I try to blink as few times as possible. Suddenly I feel the pressure increasing at my pussy. A moan escapes as suddenly my sensitive and erect clit is stroked by this tendril and another and another. Then it slides in and I gasp, followed by a sigh of pleasure. Huffing as the tendril sneaks its way in deeper to finally my g-spot. I let out another moan, louder this time, as my body twitches, making my breasts jiggle. With each stroke, I repeat this. Growing more intense every time. All while I'm watching what Miss Klutz is going through from the extreme fucking and bulges to the moment when she's pumped full of cum and covered in white until her subtle body shapes are unrecognizable. During that time I get hold it back anymore and I cum. Squirting clear liquid on the tendril and the floor while I'm like screaming my breaths and my moans out. And when I'm not twitching I'm shaking. Still, I kept my eyes on her until she was lowered down into the pit below.

After the show, I pant as well. But I know mu pleasure was just the tip of the ice berg compared to Klutz's. I remain in anticipation and I almost hold my breath when Soggoth asks Klutz the same question that I was asked before.
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @CutieNix: As if sensing that you've cum, the army of tendrils that made such efficient use of Klutz now begin to skirt the boundaries of your perception, taking advantage of your lust-addled mind to move closer to you from the sides. You can sense them from the periphery of your awareness, but as you watch Klutz being lowered into the pleasure-pit below, it's hard to imagine anything that could drive your attention away from the scene unfolding there.

They take up a position around you as you wait with baited breath for Klutz's decree, your fate in the hands of a girl you just had fucked with abandon in your stead. The girl who even now is feeling the second large orb wriggling and pushing into her asshole, forcing another orgasm to nearly shatter her mind -- an orb that was meant for you. Now as she luxuriates in the meaty pit below, being prepared to be host to my brood, you know she contemplates every little thing that happens to you.

"She looks like the very creative type, doesn't she?" I ask. "I doubt we shall be disappointed."

The cocks now begin to search your body, rubbing against your suspended form, some finding their targets more quickly than others, nudging your pussy and asshole with supreme interest, yet enough restraint to wait for Klutz to give the word. They prod at your erect nips, delving into your ample cleavage and the cleft or your backside, not yet thrusting but gyrating slightly, filling your mind with possibility as they begin to trail the remnant cum across your body in sticky trails. You know that as soon as she says the word, it's going to happen fast. Who knows if you can truly prepare yourself for such a fate?

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: My eyes firmly look at Klutz, calming down to the state I was at first. I can barely see the tendrils approaching me from the sides, but it's not enough to break my gaze. However, I'm shaking a little. Fear? Excitement? Or maybe both?

With a shaky voice I reply. "Y-yeah. She's probably using last sane part of her mind to decide."

As soon as I finish my dialogue (or even during?) I can feel something hard and thick rubbing against my body as they find their targets. This is when I first break my stare away from Miss Klutz and look directly down at my breasts that are big enough to cover my view from the rest of my body. I can only use my sense of touch to determine what happens there. Same thing on my back, but that's only because of the limit on my neck to not be able to turn enough. Feeling them poking my sensitive pussy and asshole with so much eagerness that they finally get to finish what they started with something extra. And feeling the rest tracing along my spine and the rest on my nipples, the latter of which is the only one I can see with my eyes. I can't stop myself from letting out quiet moans let alone my huffs and feeling my breasts to be separated from each other from the bottom by a probing tentacle cock, however, they remain closed from the upper parts. I know that I'm just waiting on a borrowed time and as soon as Klutz stops speaking, I wouldn't even have the time to protest or blink as the eager tentacles would assault me.
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Lucina: I walk in and froze as i looked around blushing brightly at the sight of all the girls and tentacles*o-oh my goodness what is all of this~?
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @CutieNix: "You know, Miss Nix, I believe you're right. After what she's just been through, and what's about to happen to her, I'm very curious indeed to see what she comes up with for you. If she can speak at all." I let a moment lapse to let that sink in. "But while we wait for her to conjure an appropriate treatment plan for you, why don't we go ahead and break you in a little?"

I don't quite wait for a response before you feel yourself plugged up completely. One of the cock-like tendrils wraps around your neck first, giving only a gentle squeeze as it steadies itself, before the head delves between your lips, plunging into you shallowly at first, keeping a steady pace as its length is gradually lubricated with your abundant saliva. Behind you, the cock that had been gently nudging your quivering flower goes on the offensive, pressing into you and enjoying the slick entrance, already dripping from your previous orgasm. It wriggles into you until you feel it press curiously against your cervix, before withdrawing and pounding back in, this time more forcefully. Your backdoor is proven to be unsafe as well -- as the cock pounds back into your pussy, driving against that oh-so-sweet spot, your tight asshole is lanced by another thick, meaty cockstalk. While you may not have to worry about the orbs currently driving Klutz out of her mind, it is -thick- indeed, and it presses deeper with each second.

"I do hope this will keep you entertained while we await your response. Or, was there something else you required? Nod if so, and I'll let you speak."

@Lucina: I slowly become aware of the lovely Lucina as she enters the room, flushing prettily as she discovers the erotic mayhem taking place within. "Well hello, exquisite creature," the countless mouths sound off in strange, echoing unison. "How delightful of you to stop by. I am Gentleman Shoggoth, and these are my two associates, Miss Nix and Miss Klutz. I am... 'demonstrating' for them how wonderful creatures such as themselves should be treated by the monster community, however, I could always use additional assistants."

Slithering strands emerge from the pool of muck that has swallowed Klutz into a pleasure-pit and suspended Nix in the air, invading each of her holes with individual attention. They squirm across the floor, rapidly approaching your ankles. "I don't suppose you would be interested in joining this workshop, would you?" I ask, as the tendrils slowly work their way up to your calves, wrapping around gently, caressing your legs in a soothing, sensual manner. "I think you would find it -highly- educational, and I suspect that I can make more than a few of your wishes come true in the process. Tell me, what does such a lovely thing as yourself find herself in a place such as this in search of? I think you will find me to be very qualified, and quite accommodating." The tendrils now begin to encircle you, though refrain from moving further until you respond. "Or, perhaps you'd like for me to guess what you crave most?"

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CutieNix: @Lucina: The voice of a girl's voice makes me turn my head in that direction and I look directly at Lucina as I'm held in the air bound up and naked. Seeing her face red, it makes me blush a little too. "A-ah. Hello!" I say.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i blush brightly and nervously as i look up at you* i-i suppose i wouldnt mind j-joining you sir~
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Lucina: @CutieNix: h-hello m-miss*shudders and moans softly feeling the carress of@Gentleman_Shoggoth: tendrils

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: Not too long after Lucina entered the room, I turn my head back to Klutz as I hear what Soggoth says, I don't respond back to his first sentence. "But shouldn't we-" I try to reply, but I have no time to answer. You probably don't even care what I was going to say.

As soon as your tentacle wraps around my neck, my eyes open up fully and I stop talking. My focus and eyes turn towards it. I watch it push against my lips and just like that: open sesame, my mouth opens up wide with just a little resistance. My eyes open up wide and the screams I tried to let out are only muffled down. It doesn't take long until saliva fills my mouth, lubricates the tentacle cock and starts dripping down on my chin. My body tenses up as I feel pressure down on my crotch. The moment it goes in, I moan loudly into your tentacle cock and my whole body flinches. Already wet from my last orgasm and your constant teasing makes it easy to push in and move inside. Moans becoming almost constant the deeper it goes until I feel it tickling my cervix. Its pulling back and sudden thrust goes through my body, nudging my body forward and back and sending a loud but muffled yelp out of me. My breasts jiggle. This is repeated with each push you make to my cervix. And here I thought this is all how I would react, but filling all of my three holes together forces a sound out of me that I rarely make. The tone of my moans becomes higher pitched and much cuter. My body tensed up from all of these sensations and I can feel myself shaking a little. Even though my neck is only slightly squeezed, I have a hard time to breathe. My eyes have darted forward, but your cock is still visible in my field of view.
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Lucina: @CutieNix: i blush and shudder as i watch with anticipation, my own folds already becoming soaked with my juices and i longed to feel such pleasure
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @CutieNix: As you moan and pulse around the cocks, a gentle hum of approval emanates from the ooze below, voicing happily the effect your tight little body has on the myriad of cocks taking advantage of you. Thinking back to what you saw happen to Klutz, it certainly seems like you're getting off easy right now, entertaining only three versus the nine that she had to handle. However, this thought -- whether it be disappointing or a profound relief, is soon proven to be premature.

"Oh, I nearly forgot!" my voice booms as an entire army of tendrils, most of them cock-shaped at the end, rise from the sludge pulsating below you. First ten, then twenty, and even more! It must cause a momentary panic for you, wondering just where in the world all of them could possibly go to find pleasure in your body. "You wanted the proper bukkake experience, did you not? After all, you did ask for it by name. What Miss Klutz was subjected to was just the tip of the iceberg, but for someone of your enthusiasm, I think I just might go all out."

The cocks that have already found a home in your tight holes continue to thrust into you. Your pussy is being battered harder and faster than you'd ever experienced, and the cock in your mouth is rapidly plunging through your mouth and deep, deep into your throat, causing a tight squeeze against the stalk wrapped around your neck with each thrust, and only a moment to move air in the interval. Meanwhile, the intrepid member probing your tight little asshole is delving deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Additional tendrils now slither up and attack. You aren't bound into a tight little fuckpackage like Klutz was, but tendrils still find every vulnerable place and attack. One thrusts into each of your palms, brushing against them and encouraging you to stroke away as your predecessor did. Two long, slender tendrils wrap around your dangling breasts in a spiral pattern, and this time squeeze very tightly, milking you right into the muck below, where the milk is soaked up hungrily. In seconds, a cock is rubbing against nearly every patch of exposed skin on your body. They thrust against your plush ass cheeks, against your thighs and calves, soles of your feet, your hips, your sides, over your arms and shoulders and neck, even rubbing enthusiastically against your cheeks, until you are nearly entombed in an ever undulating skin-tight prison whose only imperative is to drown you in all the cum you can handle.

Cilia like the ones you observed on Klutz begin to slither onto your neck as well, travelling towards your ears. "Miss Nix, I wonder, we still have a few cocks in need of a home. I'd hate to cause you too much discomfort by overstuffing your holes, but I would be glad to offer you the same... psychological readjustment that Miss Klutz enjoys now, so that they needn't wait for their turn. Would you like that?" The cock deep in your throat pulls out for a moment, twitching violently. "And would you prefer the cum all over your body? Or do you want to see how much you can fit -inside-?"

@Lucina: "How wonderful!" I exclaim as another volunteer joins the fray. The tendrils excitedly get to work, spiraling around your thighs and moving up to your waist, shredding any clothes as they eventually move up to your shoulders, entangling you fully. A very special tendril begins to emerge and hover in front of your eyes, the end flattened like a pancake. "Now then, let's see what you enjoy, shall we?"

The flattened vine moves towards your face, caressing your cheek as it moves over an ear and curls around the back of your head. The restraints are so tight you're unable to move, but in a strange way, it feels as if the vines are cradling you, and this final vine creates a relaxing place to rest your head, so you can just lean back and let it happen to you. With the vine against your head, you feel a strange tingling inside your skull, a gentle psychic probing that looks through your memories, and the things that left lasting impressions on you. This continues for a moment as the muck spills over your ankles, locking you in place as a few new tendrils are sprouted to begin to attend to your needs.

One cock-shaped tentacle raises from behind you and pushes itself between your thighs, its meaty shape rubbing pleasingly against your folds, intentionally applying just a little pressure to your rapidly swelling pleasure button. Another rises in front of you, wrapping around your bound tits in a figure eight, squeezing tightly and arcing its head back, revealing a small toothless mouth that nips at your right nipple, teasing it into stiffness. The vines that cage you in place seem to pulse from your feet, all the way up your body to your shoulders, a strange kind of constrictive full body massage that seems to be consciously moving blood around your body to your brain and your nethers.

"Oh!" you hear my voice exclaim, seeming to pick up on something interesting in your mind. "Oh, you are a creative one indeed!" I say, clearly impressed. "Let's see, I'm getting some 'complete penetration', 'large insertions and stomach bulge', 'mind fucking'... I think I detect a hint of 'beast cocks' and 'body modification'." The flattened tendril withdraws from you, as a tentacle grabs you firmly by the hair and pulls your head back, forcing you to look straight up, where a thick, meaty cock vibrates with need to fuck your throat. "What do you think, Miss Lucina? Am I close? Anything you'd like to add to that list?"
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i shudder and blush brightly as i look at the massive cock and nod swallowing nervously

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: Three tentacles are already a lot for me and my sounds and subtle body language indicate that. If this was continued, I'd surely cum at least once. Nine would overwhelm me and problem make me feel I was breaking apart.

My eyes dart down when I hear your words, I try to see my body and what's below. I can only see the tentacles right in front of me as they rise up. I look at them with wide eyes as I keep moaning and my body keeps rocking, feeling the tentacle going deeper and deeper into my ass. I indeed wanted a bukkake, but hearing that what Klutz got was nowhere near the potential made me flinch visibly. I imagine how I would look like after that. Like I was dipped in a pool of molten white wax? Anyway that image made my pussy contract and squeeze the tentacle. Some juice squirts out when your tentacle cock is pulling outward.

As the tentacles get faster and harder, so does my moans become louder and my body starts to bounce. My breasts in a seemingly inverse phase from my body, when my body moves away up, my breasts point down and then they swing up as my body starts to fall down from my perspective. I can just see them in the bottom of my eyes as they are swinging up. Oh god I feel like I'm about to cum at any time! Once I feel your cock reach deep down my throat, it effectively determines my breathing rhythm. I can only either breath out or in when your tentacle cock is out of my throat. This effects my wailing in the similar way as well. I'm quiet when it's in my throat and I can feel it stretching my throat as I gag and the rod around my throat tightening each time. Two bubbly streams of my saliva gather down to my chin and every now and then drops drip down below, the same way as from my pussy. My tight asshole squeezes around the humping tentacle, only intensifying the sensation.

Oh yeah, if I only could react to the new tendrils that come up to rub my body. In my mind I'm continuously screaming in pleasure as my body keeps twitching. How come I haven't cum yet? I notice one going between my palms behind my back where they are bound. It takes me a while but I eventually grab it and let it use my hands to pleasure itself. Then I feel my breasts being wrapped into a thin coil and then squeezed until the milk starts to spray out from my burning and hard nipples that have become quite big. Soon I feel every inch of my skin being rubbed and covered by tentacles.

I feel the thin tendrils approach my ears from my neck as I almost continuously moan. After you pull the cock out of my mouth, a thin string of slime connects my lips to your throbbing tentacle cock. I have no choice but to cough violently and gasp for air. Still moaning as I slowly start to get my breathing stable and the coughing reduced to only occasional, I am ready to speak with now raspy voice that keeps getting cut off by moans. I look like I'm struggling to get the words out. "I-I don't know about that. I-I'm f-fine with drugs, but if i-it's your only option..." I stop as I get so close to cumming and moan. "J-just don't spread me t-too much." I don't care how many cocks go in, just as long the sum of their girth doesn't seem like it would rip my insides open or strain like hell. Hard to put a number on it, but I've always thought the size of my first to be the approximate. "B-both. Why not both?" I stutter the words out. My orgasm just around the corner.
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: "How very interesting," the voices hum excitedly. "A cornucopia of delicious, exotic little kinks. You're quite a treat, do you know that?"

The vines that have coiled around your legs pull you to your knees, the ooze rising up and over your calves and knees, grabbing at your thighs and holding you tightly in place. "Let's see how many of those boxes we can check off, shall we?"

The cock hovering in front of your lips lowers, almost torturously slowly. When it comes to your mouth, it presses inside, spreading your jaw to accommodate its size. It moves at an agonizingly slow pace, but it moves forcibly forward, dancing just at the entrance of your throat before pulling back, giving you a moment to adjust. It then returns with equal force, pushing just beyond that barrier, testing your limits cautiously but forcing you to accept its advances.

Simultaneously, the cock massaging your clit snakes upward, burying itself into your sodden slit instead, as another appendage raises up the inches from the muck below you to tease that little nub. It moves deeply into you, filling your tight passage incredibly full, almost seeming to expand to fit every tight corner and cranny. As it begins to thrust in earnest, you feel just how full it's making you as it pounds into your cervix over and over.

"Now then, let's take your already lovely body and see if we can't add a little something to it, shall we?" Very small tendrils with needle-like points rise out of the muck and drift towards you, and you feel small pokes in each breast and ass cheek, as you are injected with -something- foreign. The tendrils withdraw into the muck, and almost instantly you can feel the effects, as your breasts grow by several cup sizes, spilling out over the tightly wrapped tendrils which squeeze even more rigidly, supporting the new mass. You can sense your ass doing the same, creating two incredibly rounded cheeks, with a deep chasm running through the middle.

"Maybe just one more thing..." you hear my voice echoing as one last tendril flits into your line of sight, staring straight into the ceiling at a cock that now plunges well into your throat, causing an uncomfortable bulge with each fresh assault. The little vine slides forward, grazing over your upper and lower lips, which quickly plump to seal the cock even more tightly into your mouth, wrapping around its girth quite snuggly. It fucks your mouth all the more enthusiastically for the sensation.

"Yesss, very nice," I coo in reaction. The transformation only took seconds, but the results were dramatic. Your immense, swollen breasts are squeezed, the vines milking you as if you were livestock, and you are being ruthlessly pounded in both ends, creating a delightful ripple that travels through all of your newfound assets.

Now narrow vines, about as wide as your pinky, wriggle up from the muck, crawling all over your body. Some latch onto your new, splendid ass cheeks, pulling them apart in preparation for something yet to come, while others begin to tease your wet folds, massaging your labia generously. Others move even further up, grazing your stomach as they glide directly to your areola, wrapping around your firm nipples and circling them eagerly, the stimulation only seeming to encourage the flow of milk. However, four continue through your cleavage and up to your cheeks. Two venture towards your nose, and two towards your ears, testing the entrances, circling them gently in a way that nearly makes you flinch each time one threatens to dart in.

The cock in your throat passes down deep, well into your esophagus before it pulls completely out of you, allowing you a chance to breathe. The tendril holding your hair back releases you, allowing your head to fall forward. When it does so, your eyes land on something new and menacing. A giant, knotted horse cock has extended on a thick stalk from the goo, and it is oriented directly on you.

"What do you have to say, Miss Lucina? Before I have my way with your mind, do you have anything to add? Is the implement before you large enough for your purposes, or do I need a tool that is a bit more robust?"

@CutieNix: You can tell by the excited uptick in the pace of the cocks ravaging your every hole that the way your body seems to react to the notion of being utterly drenched in cum is quite pleasing for me. "Oh, so you like that, do you?" my voice simpers in your ear. "The thought of being covered in a thick coat from had to toe? Perhaps I should lower you into your own pit and spill it over and into you until you can barely keep your head above the surface, hm?" You can feel my grin in your mind. "Can you swim, Miss Nix?"

Your request not to alter your mind goes into consideration, and the small cilia withdraw. "Perish the thought, my dear. You needn't be subjected to anything you don't desire. In fact, I may indeed have the solution just for you."

A strange metamorphosis begins to occur -- not to your body, as Lucina experienced, but to the myriad army of cocks invading you. Each one seems to shiver for a moment -- whether inside or outside of you -- and re-form into 8 smaller members, each about the size of a finger. Their distribution along your skin only seems to become more dramatic, their surface area expanded exponentially, and the writhing cage your body had been trapped grows all the more invasive.

The cocks that were previously unable to find free space on your body to enjoy now double and triple up at your mouth, pussy and asshole, however their mode of invasion is unique. A constant inward flow of the small appendages is occurring on the exposed outside of the meaty-feeling shaft that is pounding each of your holes, though as each tendril reaches its limit, it withdraws inward, retreating from inside the perceived cock. The end result, interestingly, is a sensation that the cocks are only plunging into you, and never withdrawing.

Your body is being converted into a device to provide the maximum pleasure to the highest number of cocks possible. I sense that you're reaching your utmost limit and the thrusts become all the more forceful, your breasts being milked almost violently. You feel the invaders and the tendrils all around your body beginning to twitch in unison.

It's happening.

A mouth opens up below you, a pit similar to Klutz's, and you are almost dropped into the slimy, meaty, cushioned antechamber below. The members that are thrusting against every inch of exposed skin on the outside of your body seem to almost explode, hot cum splashing against your back, and then shoulders, arms, and thighs. A handful at first, and then more, and more. Cum pours into your palms, across your pretty neck and cheeks, into your hair, over your ass and between your round posterior, even coating your still-milking breasts in seconds. In a matter of moments, you are unrecognizable, draped in a flow of white that doesn't seem to end.

At the same time, you start to feel incredible heat pouring into your insides. Jets upon jets of hot cum pour down your throat, flowing into your stomach like a tsunami, almost instantly running out of space. The same is true of your batter pussy, which accepts all of the cum I have to give you as your snatch is plugged almost air-tight. Your asshole is flooded as well.

Not one of the cocks -stops-. They all keep continously cumming, filling your body to its highest limits as it forces its way out. All around you, as you lay on the floor of the pit, cum continues to splash over you, the small puddle of runoff growing exponentially.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i shudder and moan loudly from the immense pleasure i was feeling and i stare at the massive knoted horse cock with pure lust as you stimulated and stretched my holes*p-please use me~~

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: As the pace of tentacles plunging back into my wet mouth, pussy and asshole increases a notch, so does my moaning become louder and at the same pace. The notion to be put into my own cum bath creates images in my mind that I feel like they can push me over the edge. I feel the Soggoth's grin and delight. Yes, I can swim. I think and try to nod at the question.

Then I feel the tentacles inside me and around me starting to shiver. It's a wonder that they didn't make me cum here and now. Soon I realize that there's more of them, but they're smaller. Alone they probably could still satisfy, but together they feel like one huge cock that can alter its pace by its part individually. That would be a weird set of sensations. What is this feeling? They feel like only going inside and it makes me wonder how deep they're going to go. Into my womb? Stomach? I continuously shudder as I feel my orgasm so close. I could only withstand this constant fucking only a moment so longer and as the fucking gets harder, I realize that there's no going back from this orgasm. I love the feeling how much my breasts are milked. Now if only there was something to suck or tease my sensitive milky nipples.

It started as a feeling of the tentacles and the tendrils throbbing violently. Suddenly I feel that I'm falling. Into that gaping mouth. The slime and meat in it feel welcoming. Without warning, I start feeling something hot and sticky beginning to cover my body. When the realization kicks in, my moaning breathing and twitching stop. Then I erupt into a huge and intense orgasm. I scream louder than before and my body convulses violently. I just manage to close my eyes before cum splashes on my face. I can feel every hole in me squeeze and sucking onto the tentacles. I drool like a dog and my pussy squirts like a fountain. I can also feel more milk coming out of my now burning nipples and hot breasts. Then I feel the heat pouring inside me through each hole, sucking and drinking lustfully in. My pussy sucks it all the way into my womb with the aid of spray. I feel myself filling up fast and my stomach grows quite fast, showing off the different stages of a pregnancy. Cum shoots out from my nose and mouth. Eventually I feel my stomach exceeding the 9-month pregnant belly size and I start to feel like I'm full and take no more. But my orgasm keeps going on throughout the entire cumming process.
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina:
You can almost feel my smile in your mind, as one of the soft tendrils clinging to your face affectionately grazes your cheek, brushing your hair back over your ear. It's a strangely kind gesture, a small measure of comfort and consideration. "Gladly," I reply to your request.

A flurry of activity begins as soon as the word echoes into your mind. The cock before you dives back into your mouth, plunging deep into your esophagus and fucking your throat with reckless abandon, saliva pooling at your oversized lips. Your arms are pulled behind your back, submerged into the muck which seems to firm up like superglue in the space of a heartbeat, locking you in place with your back perpendicular to the floor. Your enormous tits bounce at the sudden movement, but the tight tendrils clutching them together calm their gyrations, holding them even tighter so that milk sprays from your aching nipples into the air. In this position, you know your wet slit is exposed to the enormous cock you just saw.

An array of new tendrils begin to emerge and your oversized ass and tits provide an interesting new opportunity. You feel them in the cleft of your backside first, fucking the space between the round orbs -- at least six of them. Another seven plunge into your cleavage, the strangling vine holding them tightly enough together to make an infinitely fuckable surface. Each thrust sends another fine stream of milk into the air.

The cock that has stretched out your quivering puss withdraws, seeming to clear the way for -you know what-. It seems content for just a moment to simply nudge your clit, but it seems to grow bored of the task in seconds. Instead, it thrusts between your glorious ass cheeks, wriggling violently as it searches for your already occupied tight backdoor, roughly forcing its way in and stretching your asshole twice as wide. The first cock, in an effort to make room, navigates deeper, and finding no immediate end to the space before you, continues to push forward, as if wondering just where the entrance will terminate. Or if it will.

You feel something enormous nudge your quivering slit. There seems no earthly way that something so large could fit in your tiny, tight hole, but you suspect that it will manage a way. It prods against you, threatening to enter, but something else happens first.

The small, finger-like tendrils on your face stop teasing and caressing you and now thrust forward, plugging your ears and nose. With a series of pops, you feel them push in deeper and a mind numbing euphoria over takes you as you begin to feel the wriggling inside your head. These don't seem content to simply alter your sensations, as they did for Klutz. These are going to -fuck- the holes, and you feel them thrusting and probing deeper, igniting your every sensation as you feel them caressing your very mind with each thrust.

Now, the enormous horsecock that teases your opening begins to push into you, mounting pressure as your body resists it initially. It finally overpowers you, and your reluctant entrance caves, stretching to accommodate the overwhelming size of the thing. It bottoms out in your shuddering entrance almost instantly, but subsequent thrusts seem to find the space, forcing your pussy to accept every inch it wants to give you. It's not even a third of the way in when you start to feel the evident bulge with each punishing thrust in your stomach. And it is still trying to go deeper.

@CutieNix: Your quiet wishes to have your breasts sucked on do not go unknown. Somehow, I'm always aware of what's going on in your head, and in response to the though, two tendrils find their way to your tits and latch on. The suction at first is minimal, but within seconds it mounts exponentially. You feel that within minutes, they'll suck all of the moisture out of your body, if they aren't stopped.

Fortunately, there is an influx of moisture going -into- your body simultaneously. The result, to the best your lust-addled mind can estimate, will even itself out.

The flattened tendril that read Lucina's mind makes its way over to you now, slipping under your head in a similar manner, but I'm not going to steal any of your thoughts. I merely want to give you one. Broadcast into your minds eye is an image of exactly how you look from outside. You are drenched, covered in cum from the top of your scalp to your toes, almost invisible beneath the nearly opaque stream of white that floods over you. In your bath, it laps against your sides in waves, and you can see the lovely way your stomach looks extending out like that. With the continuous tug of war between the cocks in your nethers pushing against you, and the one in your throat pushing back, cum streaming from the tight seal in your pussy, ass and lips, you seem completely overwhelmed.

"Absolutely beautiful," I comment over the image I've shared.

The tentacles continue their thrusting game, dumping hot cum all over you. They want to maintain your orgasm as long as possible, indefinitely if there is a chance. Maybe you'll spend the rest of eternity in this pit with them, and perhaps this will be the last orgasm you'll ever have, because it will -never end-.

The multitude members invading your mouth and ass continue, while the one in your snatch recedes. The levels of cum in your bath continue to rise, but through the image I'm broadcasting straight into your mind, you can see the ovipositor rise out of the cum, not unlike the one that you wished on Klutz. The eggs are visible through the skin of it, glowing faintly, and it moves on your pussy instantly, and you feel it wriggling into the well worn hole and pressing deeply inside you, filling to expand the space as it forces its way into your womb.

A very small tendril takes initiative, slipping into your lips and down your throat in addition to the swarm of cocks fucking your mouth, but this one seems to have a different agenda. It splits off and enters your lungs. There, is breathes oxygen directly into you, relieving the burn from holding your breath at the endless throatfuck. It comes just in time, as the cum in your bath now rises over your face.

"Are you enjoying yourself, lovely Miss Nix?" my voice seems to ask in your mind. "Are you ready to incubate my young?"
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: my eyes widen and roll up as i gag and drool all over the tendrils and my body arches as you stretch my tight holes. I shudder as i feel you fuck every inch of my body and mind

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: Like my wishes were heard, I feel two tendrils latch onto my nipples and the suction slowly powering up. Then suddenly it gets intense and my body flinches around as my breasts are milked. I wonder if I run out of milk at some point and need some help with it. Cum truly helps keep my body hydrated. I can feel my cheeks bloated from the excessive amount of cum going into my mouth.

I get a new feeling as something like a skin pushes over my head. Suddenly I see a figure in a shower of cum and where I think the figure's stomach is, becoming large like it was pregnant. It's hard to tell if it's even a human, but soon I notice that the movements match with how I feel them move and I realize that it's me from some other perspective. Suddenly I convulse again, feeling my orgasm becoming more intense. My juices and saliva indistinguishable from your cum. Thinking more than how good this continuous orgasm is takes real mental effort from me. I'm thinking that if this cum could impregnate me, I'd be 200% certainly pregnant.

I agree. It's a beautiful image no matter who would be there.

I don't moan much anymore. It's been replaced by heavy gulping and gagging while there's slick and lewd slurps all around my body. It surely is a long orgasm, but I can't imagine spending the rest of my life like this. It's certainly something I imagine returning to from time to time. Difference is if you would allow that and keep me in a perpetual orgasm. Second thing I imagine is the cum level rising and receding alternately. Revealing and submerging my body in cum respectively.

I feel the cocks pull out of my pussy and it immediately started to empty from the cum. The outward flow certainly helps to keep my orgasm going. Then I see in the movie you show me the ovipositor. Barely any reaction to it except slight twitching , my pussy contracting and my hands moving. In my thoughts I simply shout "oh wow!" All excited. When it slides into my pussy and plugs the cum, I spasm like I just got an another orgasm. Intensifying when it breaches into my womb. My whole body starts to tremble.

I can barely feel the tendril sliding into my throat and to my wind pipe. Even when it splits in my bronchus and goes to my lungs, I can barely feel it. I feel very relieved when I suddenly feel my lungs filling up with fresh air and the carbon dioxide removed. I can breathe normally even though my throat is fucked by many tentacles at once. Suddenly my whole body is submerged in cum and I can't see my body anymore. Sound world changes and I can hear all my sounds and the fucking sounds better. My fast and heavy heartbeats and my breathing through your tendril. The endless flow of the cum and sloshing in my ear as the fucking of my anal and mouth keeps rocking my body.

In my extreme pleasure I hear a voice to what I subconsciously yell "Yes! Yes! I want them! Oh god this feels so good!" And my conscious parts is slow and almost too quiet to hear, but it admits that this feels fantastic, but reminds me of the other things I enjoy and that I can always come back to this pleasure. It's a battle between two sides of my mind!
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: Sensing no distaste with your current situation, all of the cocks continue to pound into your ensnared body. They fire like cylinders in an engine, working together in surprising sequence, your body always being shoved roughly in one direction just before another thrust pushed you right back to the opposite. Your breasts and ass cheeks are alive with swarms of enthusiastic cocks, plunging into the cleavage of both as if they were merely extensions of the other plugged holes.

One intrepid tendril continues to bury itself deeper and deeper in your ass, writhing and wriggling through your insides. It causes chaos in your already overloaded system, probing through your intricate workings even as they are all shoved rudely aside by the ever-more excitable horse-cock that is slowly re-shaping your biology. It's almost a relief when you feel the explorer finds its way into your stomach, and you can feel every shimmy and slithering movement as it flexes within you.

Your throat is being ravaged, fucked beyond rhyme or reason as the cock plows you brutally. Before you can quantify any change in status, you feel a bulge flowing through the tendril, first at your lips, over your tongue, tonsils, and then down your esophagus. As it hits the tip, you can feel the white hot cum pouring into your stomach like a firehose. You're filled to the brim in seconds before the thing wriggles out of you, leaving your puffy lips alone for one blessed moment.

Your respite is short lived, though. The cock that has found its way clear through to your stomach is on the move, and all of that tasty cum in your chest is being forcibly pushed out of your mouth and nose. It rises in you and then you feel the head of the adventurous cock in your throat, over your tongue, brushing past your teeth and finally emerging from between those puffy lips. It has navigated clean through you, impaling you completely. As it begins to thrust in and out of you, flossing through your insides in a way that you can only imagine is as stimulating to it as it is to you, you feel an overwhelming tingle coming from inside your own head.

The small tendrils in your nose and ears begin to fuck the holes harder. You can feel their slimy, wet surfaces caressing inside your skull, brainfucking you in a strangely horrifying yet arousing way, each thrust adding a bit of psychological euphoria to experience, like a drug. Their pace quickly reaches its xenith, and they all move more deeply into you than ever before. Suddenly, your brain feels -so warm-. Cum floods the inside of your head, the unique alien chemistry interacting with your mind in a way that seems impossible, flooding strange sex hormones into your lateral orbitofrontal cortex -- the voice of reason in your mind. It silences any impulse from the lobe, taking away your inhibition and beginning to force an orgasm the likes of which you couldn't have imagined.

The knotted horse cock is now halfway inside you. Each thrust causes your stomach to bulge wildly, wreaking havoc on your poor pussy and rearranging your body's internals to make room. It continues to thrust, though it doesn't seem to progress further, perhaps satisfied with the unusual shape your body takes as it plows you. My voice echoes in your head for a moment.

"I know you can't quite hear me, my dear, but have you had quite enough horse cock for one evening?" it asks. "Or do you require more? Perchance, do you require -all of it?-"

@CutieNix: Your wordless response is easily intercepted, and my response is highly affirmative. "Why, of course I'll let you go and return. I'm already looking forward to exploring your other delights. But first, let's give you something to remember your old friend Gentleman Shoggoth by."

Your orgasm was just about to subside, when you felt that first bulge in the ovipositor enter your tight slit. It forces its way into you, rippling through your pussy and depositing in your womb. This is followed by yet another, and another, countless eggs starting to fill that bulge in your stomach, replacing the cum with eggs. The impossible fullness returns, this time more tangibly as you aren't swelling with liquid that will escape at the first chance it gets.

Once the deposit is made, your body writhing and thrashing in the thick cum pool, the cocks at your lips and ass finally withdraw, as well as the ones writhing against the rest of your body. One last tendril splashes into the pool and wraps around your ankle, lifting you out of the cumbath and placing you down on your back in the ooze. The slime slowly shimmers against your skin, massaging you tenderly, and you're broadcast another glorious image of yourself, utterly drenched, though now visible as the fluids slowly roll off of your body, swollen and stretched to its limits.

"You look ravishing my dear, and I look forward to our next dalliance." A small protuberance raises out of the muck and kisses you on the cheek sweetly. "That is, of course, if you are quite finished. I certainly have a few more eggs to find hosts for, and I can't help but notice that you still have two 'unfertilized' holes available."

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: Oh. I'm for sure going to remember what happened today. The next time I return probably isn't that far off either. It'll be most certainly interesting to explore my other kinks throughout.

Feeling my orgasm again intensifying, like a tide that comes and goes, or a wave, I huff through the tentacles feeding me with air. It would be very loud and pleasurable moans, but since my throat is filled with tentacles and cum, I'm unable to make much any of my normal sounds. I feel the eggs writhing through the ovipositor. Pushing my pussy aside until my womb swallows them whole. One by one I feel the eggs entering my womb and each one pushes cum out of my body.

Then I can feel my womb starting to reach its limit as I keep enjoying the eggs going in, it pulls out of me with a splash of cum coming out until the pressure is equalized on the inside and outside. Then I feel my ass and mouth freed. Cum rushes out at the high pressure from both holes. I don't think I even noticed that I was lifted out of the pool from my ankle, my body dripping of cum everywhere. Cum still flowing out of my ass and mouth. Soon I see myself through your perspective and the cum reluctantly rolling off of me. However, some sticks onto my skin, leaving a coat of wet paint onto my body, with my white skin tone shining slightly through it from here and there. It reveals what has been done to my body. Seeing myself used up and pregnant makes my orgasm subside painstakingly slowly.

I can't help but express gratitude to Sloggoth's compliment and I look for the next time eagerly. It'd still hard for me to breathe through the thick cum pouring out of my mouth without the tendril breathing apparatus. The suggestion of filling all three of my holes up is brought up. And without thinking for too long, I accept. Nodding graciously. Even though my reusable womb takes more eggs in than my other holes.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: my eyes roll up and my body quivers uncontrollably as i orgasm fro, pure ecstacy, my mind shattering as i became your personal fuck toy, not wanting it to ever end as i moaned
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @CutieNix: "Aren't you wonderful?" my voice echoes in your ear, as a soft tendril gently wipes the cum and sweat off your forehead. "One certainly must admire your devotion to your craft."

Just as you think your orgasm has faded beyond the point of no return, you are proven very wrong indeed. Two more ovipositors, filled to the brim with fresh eggs, arise and quickly orient on you. One wriggles up to your tight, winking backdoor -- so close to respite, and yet so far. The tight ring of flesh is tired, having been worked over so vigorously this evening, and it puts up little resistance as the ovipositor wriggles inside of you, plunging deep, deep, deep inside of you.

The other finds its way to your willing, open, perhaps -eager- lips. It squirms past your puffy lips, still slick with an overdose of saliva and cum, thrusting deep into your esophagus. Once more you find yourself filled with my tendrils, and the squirm appreciatively within you, stimulating all of those delightfully deep, hard to reach places.

A thick tendril raises from the muck to rub your sopping wetness gently, not wanting to disturb your precious cargo, but stimulating you nonetheless. It caresses your lips, clit, and massages the folds with firm pressure. It's almost enough to take your mind off of the bulge you feel against your tongue, and stretching your asshole to its limits as the eggs begin to flow into you.

@Lucina: The fucking continues. All of it. Your ass cheeks, tits, ass and mouth are all stretched wide. You can feel the entirety of the tentacle that has lanced through you writhing, exacerbating your ecstacy and refusing to let your orgasm subside even for a second, instead growing it like a skyscraper to impossible heights.

Inside your head, hot cum continues to override your lusty little mind. You can feel it overloading you, starting to fill your sinuses, trickle down the back of your throat, even welling at the corner of your eyes and dripping down your face.
"So, do I correctly assume that means you need even more still?" my voice coos at you as you drool and moan your way through the ravaging.

The horse cock plows you even harder, thrusting its way deeper still into your little fuck toy body. Three quarters of the way into you and you can feel it pushing up beneath your ribs, forcing the air out of your lungs, past the plunging cock that takes advantage of your throat.

"Is this all you wanted, Miss Lucina?" I ask. "You're so very creative, and I am both capable and accommodating. I know you're stuffed quite full right now, but I'm sure I could find a way if you had any additional desires."

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: I chuckle softly hearing the compliments and smile. Like I was regaining my sanity now that the orgasm was slowly going away.

After feeling my forehead being wiped, I wipe my eyes off of cum, so that I can open them. The first thing I see are my cum covered breasts and it reminded me that I indeed cannot look directly down past them. Like a switch was turned back on, my body twitches heavily and my head flings back as the ovipositor plunges into my anal and it doesn't stop. I try to moan but instead I cough up cum. I can feel my spine curving upwards. The orgasm is coming back up.

I notice the second ovipositor approaching my face. It shouldn't be hard to push inside my semi-open mouth. And indeed in goes, before I could even react to it. Lubricated by cum and saliva, I can barely feel the friction. Again my moans are muffled as I feel them wiggling inside me.

Then I feel something thick and hard pushing against my vulva and starting to rub it around up until it rubs over my hard and sensitive cherry. My body shakes as the orgasm gets stronger. Juices coming out of my pussy when pressured like when squeezing a wet sponge. I start feeling bulges going into me. I gulp them down my throat and my ass sucks them in, after the initial resistance, while I'm making an ahegao. A face I have surely made multiple times over during this whole intercourse, just like sweet Lucina.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i gag hard and drool feeling the cum overflow inside my body and mind and felt myself wanting even more
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @CutieNix: Your delicious, euphoric torment continues for several long moments, your lips and asshole continuously stretching and contracting to make way for more eggs. You thought you knew the meaning of being full when your stomach contracted to make way, but the sensation is impossibly even more surreal as every available orifice is exploited. You're not sure how many there are, but you are confident that your body is now home to at least -dozens- of new shoggoth.

Very slowly, the ovipositors begin to withdraw from you, leaving you packed full. The haze of lust is finally allowed to withdraw, your onus served and your part in today's demonstration fulfilled. Carefully a few tendrils wrap around your arms, helping you into a standing position in your newly pregnant form. Your hair is quickly brushed back away from your eyes, and another tendril plants a small affectionate kiss on your forehead.

"You did very well, Miss Nix, as I knew you would. Thank you for helping me demonstrate the importance of treating our prey to a few kindnesses for the other monsters here." The mouths of the beast smile warmly at you. "If you would be so kind as to walk around for a bit, drenched in cum and thoroughly fertilized with that same dreamy, disconnected look you have now -- just like the image that started this little adventure -- I would be ever so grateful. It really is the best form of advertising for these little workshops."

"Don't be a stranger now, and please, tell your friends about me!" One of the many eyes constantly forming and dissolving in the protoplasmic mass winks at you. "And don't worry about my brood. They will hatch in a few days, and you can be right back in here for another treatment."

@Lucina: With my attention returned to you, the savage tendrils and pounding horsecock continuing to plunder you for enjoyment, multiple eyes focus on you as one mouth in particular whispers. "Not much of a talker, are you?" it asks. "That's alright. I know what to do with the quiet ones."

Several more quick, violent thrusts from your nethers see the horse cock plunge all the way into you, its knot pounding against your clit. The bulge in your stomach with each punishing thrust now plunges between your massive, inflated breasts with each shove. The mouths around you smile proudly. "I knew you could take it all," the simper, treating your accomplishment with the merit it deserves. "Let's celebrate!"

Your bound-backward position begins to shift, and your ankles rise out of the muck, pulled on by a pair of tendrils which grasp them firmly as you're raised into the air. The stalk that has lanced you all the way from your asshole to your mouth begins to retract, causing a sickening feeling as it reverse through your entire body. It takes a long moment for it to complete its escape, but you have use of your mouth and lungs back. For a moment, at least.

You are raised high above the muck, dangling by your ankles and facing down into the protoplasm below. The weight of your tits and ass, as well as the repeated thrusts of the knotted thing ravaging your pussy puts strain on your legs, but you begin to understand why you're hanging like this after a moment. A second knotted horse cock, only a little narrower but substantially longer, rises from the muck directly below you.

You are lowered by the tendrils towards the new, erect member that twitches eagerly. It orients directly on your mouth, attempting to stretch your puffy lips enough to enter. I'll be honest, it takes a little doing, but fortunately, another implement is already in place to help with this very conundrum.

The horse cock in your cunt thrusts even harder, hammering your body down and forcing your lips to make room for the new member from below. Your jaw aches from the sheer size of the thing, but it is inside you now, and there's no place for you to go but down. The knotted thing raping your sopping pussy continues to hammer you down, lower and lower, forcing this enormous prong to impale you, inch by inch.
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Lucina: My entire body shakes and quivers in pure ecstacy as the cocks hammer into me, my eyes rolling up as im stretched out
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: (forgot to add.this bit

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CutieNix: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: With each egg going down my throat and up my asshole, it makes me twitch and shiver. Making my orgasm pulse up and last longer. I make no other sound except for the periodic whimpers and heavy gasps when there are no eggs in my throat, and then the gulps as I'm forced to swallow each one. I feel so full and in my thoughts I keep asking how many there already are as my eyes roll up and my cheeks are red across. My pussy leaking with juices.

Them pulling out slowly feels excruciatingly pleasurable. If I had the ability to scream, I would be screaming. However, it only affects my minor whimpering and increases their volume slightly. When my throat is finally free, my whimpers become loud moans, but they end when my ass is free as well. I cough a little. There I then lay still panting heavily and bloated from the eggs. Since I'm limp, the Soggoth can easily lift my body up. Even if he lifted me up from the sitting position on my feet, it would take awhile before I get a hold of myself and regain my strength to stand myself. Behind my hair somewhat empty eyes are revealed. Slowly and lazily I look up at the tendril after I felt a kiss on my forehead with my mouth open and slimy drool dripping down along my lips and chin, mixing up with the cum. After listening to what it had to say and noticing its smiles, I smile back wearily.

At first I struggle with my balance a little bit when I try to stand on my own, but eventually I can stand and walk completely on my own. Confident in my legs, I now finally take a look down. Even still I can't see my stomach from behind my breasts and their still erect nipples, I split them apart with my hands and can see my pregnant belly with my own eyes. My eyes widen as I say "w-woah!" I pause for a moment before looking back over my shoulder and continuing. "U-uh. You're welcome and thank you! I'll be sure to spread the word around as much as I can. Although this show probably already did." Showing my tongue before I turn forward and lightly walk my way out of here. Holding my pregnant belly with both of my hands as it and my breasts jiggle with each of my steps. Boy, I'll surely be back. Maybe after a few days when I'm about to give birth.
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: "Ahh, yesss," the mouths hiss euphorically as the cock plunges deeper and deeper into your mouth as you are hammered down its length. With each rough battering, you watch as the not at the base of the shaft comes closer, as you are filled impossibly more. With more than half of the massive, twitching thing still before you, you start to feel tremendous pressure lower in your abdomen, as your insides rearrange themselves to accommodate for the monstrosity. The pressure keeps shifting, descending further and further, until you can feel it from the inside of your well-stretched ass.

The head of the thing seems to falter here, failing to punch through your battered backdoor, and your downward process on the shaft seizes with less than a foot to go before your lips intimately kiss the knot before you. Several more hard thrusts test the integrity of your asshole, but it does not budge. However, the myriad of cocks fucking your generous ass cleavage sense the need, and move to work. Three of them move to the battered hole and one after another, wriggle inside, stretching your tight ass to the breaking point before the monster cock penetrates you all the way, and you sink down the final foot in a matter of seconds.

Now you're stopped up on both sides by a massive knot. The wriggling things in your brain explode with pleasure again sending a fresh wave of unmitigated lust through you, and the tendrils wrapping your enormous tits squeeze tighter than ever before, pouring milk from your aching nipples.

"Have you had enough, Miss Lucina?" I ask you. "All that's left is those knots, and I'm not sure you're in any position to take them. However, if you truly want them... Well, just blink, and I will know," I whisper challengingly.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i quiver and blink mindlessly, i could feel my body was ready to break and my mind was already gone
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DrStrangeLove: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: (Are you still interested in playing, and would you like one more? If so, you can see my kinks here: https://www.f-list.net/c/demoness%20jaina/)
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: "My, you are an intrepid plaything, aren't you?" I ask, feeling your entire body shake against both of the massive members. "How very delectable!"

Both cocks now take several very firm experimental thrusts. "I do hope you survive this, it would be a shame to lose such a versatile toy." As your breasts are knocked up and down and your entire body distends around the forcible entrances, your lips and pussy are bashed without mercy, pounded miserably by the knots that lock you in place on either side. There's not much more that can be done, though, as the thrusts are mere foreplay.

Both push in towards eachother, testing your frame to its limits as you risk being crushed by the conflicting pressure. Your entire body is pushed beyond the boundaries of reason, forcing these massive, bulbous entrants against your already vexed holes, but finally, after several long seconds of pressure that threatens your very spine, your body pops sickly and the knots enter your mouth and pussy, filling you completely, making you bulge. With renewed vigor, both cocks begin to plunge into you relentlessly. "Truly amazing!" I coo, watching your almost unrecognizable body. "They are very close now. I hope you still have room to be filled with cum!"

@DrStrangeLove: "Well, hello there, Miss Jaina. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I believe I've always got room in my docket for an additional demonstration. I have read your terms and I certainly believe I could acquiesce. Would you care to make yourself comfortable and tell me a little about why you came here today?"
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DrStrangeLove: I swallow nervously. "W-well, I-I've got these instincts - I'm a pleasure d-demon, so..." She shrugs. "I need to have sex regularly or I go into heat, that's all." She blushes, fidgeting and looking away, clearly in denial. "I heard you'd let me go when you were done, and these two certainly seem to be having a good time." She blushes, staring openly at Lucina Taking a cock in each end, before saying more quietly. "Just, be a little gentler with me, please..." She takes a hesitant step forward and stretches her arms up above her and spreads her legs, wings, and tail, her clothes long since discarded...
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: my eyes roll up and i moan loudly as the last bits of sanity i had are shattered
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @DrStrangeLove: The tendrils seem to regard you quite differently than what you're observing right now. Compared to the lovely Lucina, who is tightly wrapped around a pair of enormous horsecocks, you are not instantly beset upon by the questing tendrils. Rather, your submissive surrender is ignored, and you are approached at first by one single, unassuming appendage.

It raises to meet one of your hands, but doesn't wrap around your wrist or grab at you. Instead, it curls into your palm, like the hand of a lover, inviting you to take it as it leads you. "Come, this way," the mouths whisper kindly as you are drawn deeper into the muck, the protoplasm rising to your calves at the highest point.

Once surrounded by the slime, a series of hand like appendages raise up behind you, pulling you back into their embrace, cradling you at the thighs, base of your back and shoulders, forming a comfortable place to recline. "There now, do take a moment to relax. You are not the first pleasure demon I've encountered. I know exactly what you need."

A handful of tendrils rise out of the much, grazing very light touches over your shoulders and forearms, your thighs and calves, even raising to the back of your neck and caressing your sore back. All the while, the tendril that led you here gives your hand gentle intermittent squeezes. "I understand your curse well, to be ever lustful, brimming with uncontrollable need. I feel it as well, and fortunately I know just what to do. Trust me," the voice coos.

@Lucina: The gentle backrub, meanwhile, is nothing compared to the brutal working-over that you're receiving. Your body is a tight binding that keeps the two cocks together, nothing more. The only places on your lean physique not stretched to accommodate their girth are the swollen tits and ass that you've been given through this experience.

There's only so much left the two horsecocks can do to your ruined body. Cocks still thrust in your cleavage and ass, and your brain overflows with the cum of the small tendrils that have fucked it into oblivion, watching the thick white fluid drain through your nose. All of these begin to twitch violently, and your delicious plight is drawing to an end.

The cocks thrusting into the clefts of your body begin to spasm, painting your tits and ass with copious cum, dripping down your body, over your stomach, back and face. The horse cocks pulse strongly, and you can feel the ejaculate rising in each one independently, squeezing you all the more tightly from within.

The one that has lanced completely through you explodes first, erupting cum like a volcano, the sticky white fluid blowing from the tip and painting every inch of your body. You can feel it twisting in your body, wriggling, trying to escape before the knot stretches your jaw to the breaking point and mercifully pops out. You are raised off of its impaling length, the thing filling every inch of your body with sticky cum as it withdraws, finally leaving your mouth and letting you drain.

At the same time, the cock buried in your battered wetness explodes as well, dumping irresponsible amounts of cum into your pussy. Your womb grows, trying to contain all of the seed but there is simply too much to contend with, the force and volume of the cum pushing the prong out of you as you drop limply to the floor, ejecting as much fluid as possible from every orifice as all of the tendrils begin to withdraw.

"Phew, that was quite something! Miss Lucina, are you alright?" the mouths ask, a tendril nudging you curiously.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i lay there limply for a long few moments before i shudder and started coughing up cum and gasping for air* oooh god~~
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DrStrangeLove: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: I lower my hands hesitantly, surprised to not be immediately seized by hordes of tentacles, instead curling my hand around the lone tentacle in my palm. "Ah, alright..." I say, and hesitantly allow it to lead me into your muck, squirming my toes luxuriously in the thick substance. When I feel the hands begin to close around me, I stiffen, but it doesn't last. As soon as they begin to gently bind and hold me my muscles loosen, allowing them to pull me from my feet.

"D-do you? A-all right then..." My body looks to be in perfect health on the outside, but once you begin digging your fingers into me you can feel that my muscles are coiled and knotted from weeks of desperate flight and sleeping in the wilderness without a bedroll. They practically melt under your skilled care, drawing a soft whimper from my throat and leaving me trembling and helpless, the fading pain of my abused muscles no longer balancing out the burning need simmering in my core. Soon enough, my genitals are swollen and dripping, while the rest of me strains weakly against my bindings - not trying to escape, but simply relishing being bound, held, touched, and massaged. "I... Okay, I-I trust you." I say, leaning my head back, spreading my legs a little, thrusting my breasts up and letting my wings and tail sink into your muck.
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: "Welcome back, Miss Lucina! I'm very glad you survived." A pair of tendrils scoop under you, lifting you up and holding you at an angle that allows you to clear your throat and lungs more aptly. As soon as you are breathing unimpaired once more, they simply cradle your body, holding you carefully.

"Now that was quite enjoyable indeed. I shall have to visit you again in future. Are you feeling very satisfied now? Or do you require any additional services before I release you back into the wild?"

@DrStrangeLove: As you melt into a more relaxed state, the hands seem to quickly hone in on those particular tense bundles of sinew, your spine, shoulders and thighs. An additional pair of hands even rises to address your buttocks, rolling and squeezing them therapeutically and alleviating pains you hadn't even fully realized were plaguing you. Small tendrils even begin to rise to your temples, moving in small circles and easing the stress and pain from your weeks of hiding.

"Yes, Miss Jaina. That's good," I whisper soothingly, congeries of voices like an effervescent choir that whispers sweet nothings. "Just relax. I'll take care of you." The hands and tendrils seem to sense through your flexing and writhing how you need to feel restrained, to give up that sense of control for just a few moments and let someone else decide for you, and they tighten their grips somewhat, giving you something more firm to wriggle against.

As they are submerged, you feel your wings being massaged, the stiff appendages stimulated by a pulsing around the tired muscles in your shoulders. Thistles and dirt are picked clean from the surface, and you feel long grazing touches traveling down the length of your tail.

Slowly, tendrils rise up and attend to your breasts, softly kneading the mounds in a way that feels more like the logical progression of a massage than the lustful gropes of an elder beast. Similarly, a large tongue like appendage appears between your legs, grazing over the insides of your thighs, working its way up your legs to your sweet honeypot. You can feel the soft touch of each individual tastebud as it lavishes moisture against you. As it reaches your junction, lapping gently against your soaked slit, you can feel just how intentionally it moves, stimulating your lips and clit simultaneously and with great purpose.

"How are we doing, Miss Jaina? Feeling better?"
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DrStrangeLove: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: I let out a soft sighing moan as the massage deepens, more and more of my tension and pain being drawn away, making room for the heat to spread further. I lean my head back into the embrace of the tentacles as I listen to your words, my eyes drifting closed. "O-oh...! Thank you. I needed this..." I strain and struggle again, enjoying the tight bindings, before falling limp once more.

My wings tremble at the simultaneous massage and grooming, their thin silky membranes trembling as you pick them clean. "Oh god yes! You have no idea how hard it is to reach those myself!" I flutter them a bit in happiness, shifting and squirming in my bindings, before jumping and giggling at the soft touches on my tail. "Oh! B-be careful with that, it's sensitive...!" I say, and then gasp and whimper at a touch right on the tip, my thighs flexing and trying to close and my tail jerking away coyly.

By now, my nipples are standing at attention, so when I feel the soft touches begin to move up my breasts, I can't help but arch my back, begging for more. Upon feeling the tongue teasing my inner thighs my toes and pussy clench, prompting a small cascade of pussy juice to run down between my legs. "Hnnn...!" I whine, trembling at the teasing, my pussy wet and ready. As soon as it touches me I'm on edge, all this build-up nearly enough to make me come on my own. It only takes a few more soft laps of my clit and labia to push me over the edge, making me writhe and struggle as I cum, body burning for more.

"O-oh, yes. M-much better...!" I pant out, still twitch and thrusting, desperately seeking more touch, more pleasure, tighter bindings, my instincts crying out to be used, fucked, ruined...!

(Would you prefer plain female Jaina or futa Jaina? :P)
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: mmm i have to sau im very satisfied, thank you~*i smile and kiss you*
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @DrStrangeLove: (That is entirely up to you. I have potential plans for either iteration. Simply describe your 'holdings' in the following post (apparatus and approximate sizes) and I will follow. If you choose Futa, I hope you're not opposed to some forced auto-erotica. ;) )

As your tail is pulled away, you feel it grabbed again and drawn back, joining the rest of your body in tightly restrained bliss. The hold on it is just loose enough that writhing against it does not feel in vain, and once again those soft touches graze down it towards the tip. "I'll be very careful, don't worry," my voice simpers as the tip is once more grazed, with an infinitely light touch.

The tongue continues to prod and nudge against your nether lips, sensing as you cum and withdrawing for just a moment to let you tug and struggle against your restraints as your euphoria peaks. As soon as you recover, it returns, graciously lapping up the nectar you've spilled. "Much better?" I ask, sounding almost disappointed. "Oh no, my dear. This will not do. We still have much work to accomplish, you and I."

Your restraints tighten slightly as a new tendril is introduced, this one neither licking nor massaging. This one pokes against your winking backdoor, nudging against it eagerly, signaling its intent rather than rudely barging in. "What do you say, Miss Jaina? Shall we proceed?"

@Lucina: Your gentle kiss seems to send a shiver of delight through the tendrils that hold you, eliciting a soft sound of pleasure from the mass. You swear you almost noticed a strangely pink tint on the appendage that received the gift, as if it were blushing.

"Exquisite, and how very kind of you." A tentacle brushes your hair from your face and returns the favor, planting a small, soft, cummy kiss on your cheek. "As much as I adore your new dimensions, perhap we should return you to your lovely true form. I can return these features to you on subsequent visits, if you so choose." A pair of tentacles rest against your oversized ass cheeks and breasts, seeming to absorb whatever chemistry or magic turned you into a fuckdoll, repairing the stretching to your holes in the process and leaving you in your original, tight body.

The tendrils stand you up and give you a gentle nudge to send you on your way. "Do come back now. Those were not the largest cocks in my repertoire. With the appropriate elasticization, I think I can take you on a ride you will truly never forget." A tendril waves sweetly at you. "Take care, and do be sure to tell your friends!"
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i smile and start to leave then i stop*i have a better idea~i stay and live with you and ill message all my friends about you that way i dont have to leave you~is that okay?
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DrStrangeLove: (Sounds good to me! XD)

My cock stands tall and proud, a small runnel of precum running down it but not quite able to come just from my pussy cumming. I let out a soft gasp as you grab my tail and pull it back, jumping slightly and straining to free it, before whimpering in defeat as you graze the tip so delicately. "Mmmnnh...! O-oh god...!" My tail practically vibrates in place and my mouth falls open, eyes rolling back in my head at the dual orgasm.

I pant and gasp, still coming down from orgasming through both pussy and tail, but your words set me to squirming again, body clenching at the promise inherent in them and my face blushing bright enough to glow. "W-wait...! I feel fine, r-really! A-all better now!" I squeak out at the soft touch on my back door, another runnel of pre running down my cock. "R-really! Th-the one orgasm should last me a day or t-two...!"
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: The mouths smile. "I admire your dedication, Miss Lucina. I'd be glad to keep you with me."

In response to the idea, a tendril wraps gently around your waist, lifting you off the ground as if you were weightless and bringing you back towards the pooling muck. "Perhaps I can put you away for safe keeping for the moment while we finish the demonstration. You don't mind, do you?" It carries you back towards an array of mouths, one of which opens, allowing a small worm-like appendage to escape, swaying as it rises to meet you. It is about the width of your ankle, though it pursues you quickly and opens its small maw, wrapping tightly around your toes, taking in both of your feet at once and stretching slightly as it moves up your calves.

"I think you'll find yourself -quite- well cared for in there. Vigorous stimulation, a relaxing environment, and routine feedings, as long as you remain hungry for cum." I pause for a moment, reconsidering, as the small apparatus pauses its advance. "Or, would you prefer to go in head first, my dear?"

@DrStrangeLove: For a brief moment, you are held in abeyance, the molestation pausing for several seconds while I mull over your protests. "No," I say gently but with enough conviction that you know in your heart there is no talking me out of it. "No, that won't do. You will certainly survive another two days, but what would your quality of life be? Jittery and on edge again within a few hours." The molestation of your wings, pussy and tail resume. "No, I think it is best that you let me continue. You'll thank me when you're appropriately tired out. This is for your own good."

Tendrils wrap around your knees, lifting your legs up. A particularly slimy tendril gyrates for a moment between your magnificent tits, leaving a slick surface there before withdrawing. As your legs and hips are elevated, your proud cock is drawn all the way back to your stomach, its length easily falling between your soft, slick mounds. "Now then, let's really work out your stress, shall we?"

The sucking appendages attending your sore nipples circle one another, pulling your tits inwards to wrap around your cock, creating a slick, infinitely fuckable channel for it. Tendrils push against your backside to try and encourage you to begin moving your hips, but your resistance makes that difficult. As if in response, the cock teasing your asshole begins to mount pressure. Try as you might to keep it out, with your legs elevated and spread, you are powerless to resist, and within seconds the pressure mounts, and your tight ring is penetrated.

A second cock joins it, rubbing against your sensitive lips and clit for a moment before diving into your pussy as well, and both implements begin to work into you in unison. Their forceful thrusts force your own cock deep into your cleavage, forcing you to fuck your own tits. With each pounding entrance, you see the head of your own cock peek between the mounds, staring you in the face, growing more eager with each passing second.
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DrStrangeLove: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: I hold my breath as you come to your decision, throbbing and eager, secretly afraid you might agree. The spike of relief, pleasure and fresh fear that goes through my at your words is tremendous - Enough to make me gasp a little in response. "Ah, I..." I tremble and swallow nervously as you begin playing with me again, already needing to fight off another orgasm.

"...It's really not that bad? Oh!" I shudder and gasp as another gentle stroke runs down my tail. "Oh, by the white goddess, that feels so good...!" I whimper out, my eyes crossing as I resist my orgasm a second time. When I've got myself under control again, I notice you lifting my legs and cumming between my breasts. "F-fuck. Wh...what are you doing?" I question, right before my cock comes to rest between my breasts and I put two and two together.

"Nnnmn...!' I whimper at your words, limbs flexing, once again helplessly. "Hah, I... Mnnn...!" I bite my lip and cross my eyes as my tits are pulled together, by the nipples no less. My toes clench as I stubbornly resist rutting myself, but its a near thing. When I feel that insistent pressure on my asshole I drop my head back and whimper out a soft "Nooooo...!" even as another limb begins teasing my pussy, announcing it's intention to rut me there too.

As a second shaft presses it's way into my pussy, my resistance crumbles. I cum, as and pussy clenching, pressing their invaders into my prostate from each side, which in combination with my breasts sets off my cock, right as it peeks out from between my breasts. milky white cum squirts forth, sprinkling over my face, into my open mouth, on my neck and in my cleavage. I hump your tentacles and rut my cleavage, unable to resist such pleasure any more. "Uhhhn...! Please! M-more...!" My face burns and I hide it in embarrassment as best I can, but I can't deny it anymore. It feels too good, I can't resist...!

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The_Mr_J: Remind me to send @CutieNix a care package of thoroughly nutritious meals and snacks. She is eating for 12 now. Or is it 30? Maybe I should send two packages?
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: oooh either way is fine by me~i dont mind being kept safe inside you either sweety~*i purr and giggle from the sensation i felt
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: (My apologies for my lack of attentiveness, my lovelies. I have been quite unavoidably detained, and my free time may be limited this week, but I have not forgotten you! Far from it!)

@DrStrangeLove: “No?” I inquire at your protests. Watching you writhe as you discover how you’ll be used. “Why, my dear, you seem to be having such a lovely time indeed. I can’t imagine a reason you’d want it to stop.” In short order, though, you seem to come around to my way of thinking, begging for more as clearly as the needful ache on your face. “Yesss,” I hiss appreciatively. “Let me do what I do best. All that you need to do is allow it.”

Your breasts are pulled tighter still, the sucking appendages working overtime and tugging them against one another, effectively sheathing your cock as it continues to thrust with the force of the continuing impacts against your nethers. Again you find yourself forced to fuck your own tits, though I am unsatisfied watching you cum so simply again. A tendril wraps around your breasts and squeezes them tightly, forcing the channel to tighten immeasurably. A tendril approaches your face, orienting on your open mouth, but your face isn’t fucked like the other participants today. Instead, if slithers behind your head, resting against the base of your skull. It pushes your head forward, forcing you up to watch the show, although a pair of small tendrils do slip between your lips and open your mouth wide. Curiously, the pounding thrusts into your pussy and ass continue to plunge your cock into you, only your new position and mouth-restraints have the head of your twitching shaft buried between your lips.

You are shoved even harder from both sides as your cock enters your throat. All the while the continuous touches to every single one of your erogenous zones continues unabated, punishing your back door, ravaging your g-spot, boldly stroking your aching clit as your tits are sucked so hard that you fear they’ll come right off your body. Your wings and tails are stroked, caressed, every inch of both being subjected to a plethora of touches from the muck below, all precisely calibrated to drive you mad.

“Don’t waste a drop now. You’ll need your energy,” the voice taunts as you facefuck yourself.

“Perhaps you would like to join miss Lucina? There are even more untold pleasures to be had within,” I coo to you. “Or, perhaps you are not stimulated enough here? I could think of all manner of uses for a lovely body such as yours.”

@Lucina: “You are so delightfully accommodating, my dear,” I praise you as the tight sleeve wraps up to your knees, swallowing both of your legs, but struggling slightly as it reaches your lower thighs. You can feel a series of small strands inside squirming against you, wriggling between your toes and up your calves, extending just beyond the mouth of the tendril that’s swallowing you. As I offer to Jains to join you, a second such tendril rises up and awaits her decision.

You see the small strands slither out of the mouth of the tendril, crawling several inches further out of the mouth as they press against your skin, adhering to you and pulling you further in. Inch by inch you are drawn deeper into the extremely tight maw, finding your legs completely immobilized by the time they’ve reached halfway up your thigh. As it pulls you in a few more inches, you can feel the strands dancing at the still sensitive lips of your tight pussy. The mouth stretches finally over your hips and you sink suddenly in to your waist.

With your lower half completely swallowed, now you see the promise in my words. The sensation is exquisite, tightly bound in warm, slimy flesh that wriggles and writhes against your every sensitive inch. You can even feel a cock squirming up the infinitesimally small gap between your legs, nudging your pussy for a moment before diving right back in, as the little strands tend to your aching clit vigorously. “What do you say, Miss Lucina? Do you think you’ll be alright in there for a little while?”
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: aaah yes i will be perfectly fine like this~!*i shudder and moan softly
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: "Very good," I simper, the small strands within working even more excitedly against you, vibrating with enjoyment as you are sucked slowly deeper into the tight sleeve. You can't help but notice that as you are slowly fucked once again how tight your previously battered entrance has become. Clearly the monster captivating you has control to undo any damage that you may incur.

It may be a good thing because the tight little tendril swallowing you is reaching it's limits, inching up your waist towards the insurmountable hurdle of your breasts. The pressure is incredible, and you're barely even able to wiggle below your hips. The writhing, clinging sensation is amazing, as if every part of you were being fucked simultaneously.

The 'lips' of the sleeve-like mouth climb over your navel and reach the underside of your breasts, holding there, struggling to determine how to consume you further, as this is not an easy obstacle to overcome, nor the appropriate angle. It hesitates, though fortunately another solution presents itself as the sleeve meant for Jaina wafts away and moves to you instead, this one opening wide and engulfing the top of your head. In a matter of seconds it has swallowed you down to your neck, though a friendly tendril wriggles between your lips and down your throat, filling your lungs with clean oxygen.

Now the two narrow tendrils work in unison, pushing together to completely encase you in their fleshy spans. Progress becomes rough around your shoulders, but after several grueling moments you're tightly bound and swallowed, except for your magnificent tits bounding outside of the two slimy tendrils. The one that has moved from your head down manages to encompass them, and you disappear between them.

The sensation is unlike anything you've imagined, every inch of your body being massaged, gyrated against, flicked, licked, sucked and fucked. As saliva seeps into your pores, your entire body feels as sensitive as your clit, and cocks begin to surround you, fucking your mouth, pussy and ass, and rubbing against every other exposed inch.

"There we go. I'll keep you there for the time being, and once our demonstration is complete, I'll bring you back out again. Sound fair?"
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i shudder and drool in pure ecstacy from the sensation, moaning loudly as you swallowed and fucked every inch of my body
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DrStrangeLove: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: (Whoops, now I need to apologize for my own delay! Sorry bout that. XD)

I moan as I feel my body adjusting itself to match your preferences, my orgasms receding, cruelly locked away behind a wall of tentacles. "Mnaaah...! Oh, okay, I allow it, please!" I arch my back as my breasts are pulled on, thrusting them against my cock and the tentacles molesting them. My cock expands as you pound away at me, following my retreating face, precum dripping from it and splattering on my cheeks. I gasp as the tendril hooks behind my head, giving you the perfect opportunity hook open my mouth. "Uh nu!" I moan out in aroused humiliation, realizing what you have planned too late to stop it. "Mmnnn...!" I whimper out around the head of my own cock as you force it into my mouth, the newly thickened head plugging my lips.

I writhe and struggle as the assault on my every erogenous zone continues, tail helplessly restrained, wings twitching and flapping futilely, asshole and pussy clenching n desperate need. "Pwuese! Pwuese wet e cm!" (Please! Please let me cum!) I mumble out, shivering as my tongue is forced to tease the head of my cock. "Ooze e s'mch s u like, js ult e cm!" (Use me as much as you like, just let me cum!)
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: With your body so tightly constricted, overly sensitive, and over stimulated, wave after wave of orgasms pulse through your body. Of course, you are not the only one deriving pleasure. The cocks that have buried themselves within you and the myriad of squirming tendrils are also enjoying your newly discovered sensitivity, taking full advantage of it.

The enclosed tendril that you now reside in wriggles and squirms with you inside, bending and twisting you to its shape as it fucks your entire body. It's not long before the entire sheath is brimming with cum, escaping through the terminus where the two separate tendrils meet, your entire body soaked in it.

Wrapped up in such a tight, neat package, one tendril climbs the other as it recedes, drawing you deeper into a single tight wrapper, until that one tendril that had swallowed you from the feet up has consumed you completely.

In moments you're pulled further in, disappearing below the gelatinous surface. The haze of pleasure continues unabated until you are released, deposited into a fleshy pit, meaty walls surrounding you on all sides. For a few moments, the endless delights cease, and you're allowed to reclaim your own thoughts.

"I wonder, Miss Lucina, if you would be willing to do something of a favor for me."

@DrStrangeLove: "Oh, I will, my dear. You need not worry about that."

You know that it is no empty promise. New tendrils appear behind your head, tracing your neck and caressing through your hair, spiraling around your horns. They grip the horns tightly, holding your head steady as your cock plunges into your lips.

Your ass and pussy are fucked even harder, governing the pace at which you fuck your own face. Yet another tendril reaches up and coils around your cock, stroking it in time with the pace. To add additional stimulation, your horns are tugged side to side slowly, rotating your lips and tongue over the head of your cock in a semi-circular motion. The tendrils around your horns flex and squeeze, caressing them as they control your every move.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i pant and shudder*for you id do anything~ what is it~?
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: "Well, there's a..." I hesitate. "... -small- matter of a certain itch I've been searching for a special lady to scratch." I sound almost hesitant to suggest it. "These tendrils are capable of pleasure, but they're not my... my -true- cock, such as it were. And that is ... quite a tall order indeed."

On command, the member appears in the chamber with you. It is nearly as long as you are tall, twice the width of your torso, thick, meaty, dripping with a slimy sheen. It appears completely indomitable, utterly impossible, but it has a strange allure to it.

"You've proven yourself quite pliable, but naturally, I don't think you could handle it in your current form." You can almost hear the embarrassed blush in my voice. "I fear the logistics of such an endeavor could be... difficult, at best and... well, -messy- at worst."

"However, if you would allow me to make small modifications to your consistency -- to change you into something new -- I think you may find the challenge possible. Perhaps, even, enjoyable."

The thing before you throbs with glorious possibility, leaking already at the prospect of long unrequited pleasure. "What do you say, Miss Lucina?"
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: mmm i accept~do what you need to do~
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: "You are much too kind to this ancient elder thing, Miss Lucina," I whisper.

A strange ooze begins to fill the cavity you're trapped in, a light blue and gelatinous concoction that rises slowly and laps against your toes and ankles. It's a strange sensation -- tingly, and oddly relaxing. It continues to rise up to your calves, then your knees. By the time it's reached your thighs, you start to understand what the ooze is accomplishing.

Your toes and feet are becoming translucent, and incredibly flexible as if the ooze is converting you into a rubbery, gelatinous woman, or a goo-girl. Your submerged extremities seem to retain their shape, but the color flushes from your skin as you become transparent. The sensation creeps up your legs and for the briefest moment, you start to wobble in place, nearly falling into the goo, though you seem to instinctively know how to increase the rigidity of your new, supple legs at will, and they firm up at the mere thought.

The goo travels up to your waist now, rising steadily. Will you dunk yourself in? Or wait for it to rise over your head, filling the pit turning you completely?
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i smile as i dunk myself in and lets it do its job
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DrStrangeLove: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: (Geez, sorry for the late reply again. I've been busy, I'll try and keep up better. :X)

I moan softly in response, shivering lightly as the tentacles lightly trace up my sensitive neck, before squeaking as they wrap around my horns, finally sussing out my last erogenous zone. "Mmmnf...!" I clench down on your pounding tentacles, my orgasm finally approaching again, pushed forward by the ruthless pounding of my lower holes and the slow rotation of my mouth over my cock. The tendril wrapping around my shaft and pumping away is the last straw. With a muffled scream I cum, squirting femcum out around the tentacle in my pussy and ejaculating straight down my throat, desperately swallowing as I try to keep up with your instructions not to waste any. My eyes roll back in my head from the pleasure, but I keep swallowing anyway, lewd gulping noises emanating from my throat. "Ulp, glp, lck...!" Even despite my best efforts, however, a few drops of creamy white cum spill from the corner of my mouth, rolling down my chin...
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @DrStrangeLove: I smile as you are pleasured into a catatonic state, watching your eyes roll back and your struggle to take all of your own seed. "There," I whisper gently as you come down. "Isn't that better?"

As if sensing the need for a short break, you are unfolded, allowed to remove your cock from your lips as the tendrils that hold you in place turn you over to face the floor, allowing your limbs to spread out and stretch a little. Cum drains from you as your breasts hang towards the ground, and as you look into the muck below, you see a swarm of new tendrils flicking eagerly towards you. As the tendrils supporting you shift, wrapping gently but firmly around the base of your tail, wings and horns, leaving the rest of you dangling below, you begin to sense that you are not out of the woods yet.

"You are something of a shapeshifter, Miss Jaina, are you not?" you hear me ask, a tone of curious inquisition that gives you chills. What could such a monster as me require of your skills? "As you can see, I have -many- tendrils that require satisfaction, but you only have three holes to invade. Let us test your creativity, shall we? Change your form so that I can use you more efficiently."

To punctuate the thought, a pair of tendrils wraps around the base of your breasts, squeezing tightly in a repetitive downward motion, milking you. The tentacles that invaded your pussy and ass retreat, watching with interest to see what you come up with, but the one stroking your cock continues its work as well. It seems you'll be milked in all fashions until you come up with a suitable solution to the problem.

@Lucina: As you dip below the surface of the blue ooze surrounding you, it takes only a few seconds for your transformation to be complete. As you emerge, your entire body is a shimmering, translucent blue. You can feel the newfound control you have over your own shape, and how you can change in any way you want, do anything you please, and bounce back elastically to whatever shape you wish to be your own.

Running your fingertips over your own skin reveals a second, unusual manifestation. Every single inch of your body is as sensitive as your clit. Every part of you is now an incredibly pleasurable erogenous zone, from your toes, to your wafting blue hair.

The enormous, towering cock twitches with anticipation, as if watching you hungrily to see how you decide to attack your task.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i grin and go to the massive cock, licking and rubbing my body against it for a few moments before i go up to the tip and grins*mmm im ready love~
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DrStrangeLove: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: I moan out softly and lick up the last bit of cum, still laying limp in your grasp. "Mmmm..." I stretch and crack my back after being bent over like that, a thin dribble of cum dripping from my cock, still twitching slightly in pleasure. I gasp as you shift to holding me just by my wings, horns, and tail. "Oh! Uh oh..." I look down at the multitude of tentacles beneath me with trepidation.

"W-well, it's less something I can choose to do, and more something that my body just does on it's own sometimes..." I blush as I process the rest of your statement, and my body immediately begins doing it's best to comply. "L-like right n-now, I guess." I say breathlessly, and swallow as I feel the change hit.

I gasp and hug my arms and legs close, doing my best to hide the changes, as waves of pulsating energy spread out from my womb, making me glow - and change. The energy gathers at several points on my form, my breasts, my navel, my hands, my inner thighs, my mouth, the head of my cock, the tip of my tail, even my female urethra where it peeks out beneath my clit. I writhe and scream in orgasm, and the energy blossoms, transforming the affected areas into a multitude of new pussies in all different shapes and sizes, glistening and swollen with need.

"Ouh ink uo o-er ih ih..." (I think you overdid it) I mumble out through my new pussy mouth. "ah a ahnge ah eese?" (Can I change back
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DrStrangeLove: (Whoops, lost a bit at the end there. XD)

*(Can I change back please?) I beg, blushing deeply and squirming nervously, shooting horny embarrassed glances at the tentacles waiting below...
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Raven13: ((Hoping youre still accepting A new joiner, or are the coments full?))
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Raven13: Good evening, Raven! I think we are taxing the site's comments to their limit, but the old girl is holding up. Why don't you come in, have a seat, and tell us a little about yourself, and why you're here?

@Lucina: As you massage the massive cock with your entire body, it twitches madly, throbbing with need. The tip leaks, dribbling monstrous precum over you. As you position yourself, it nearly bucks into you like a bronco, eagerly awaiting, but it seems to restrain itself.

"Why don't you do the honors and get us started, Miss Lucina?"

@DrStrangeLove: The tendrils seem to waft left in right in anticipation as they begin to sense the change in you, waving as the transformation takes hold. They almost reel in shock as it finally takes place, and the new array of orifices appear all over your body, but they recover quickly. Moving in on your form in almost predatory fashion, I respond. "How very interesting."

The swarms of tendrils move in, finding the new holes quite satisfactory, wasting no time in fucking them with abandon. Some holes, around your navel, breasts and thighs prove accommodating enough to delight two tentacles, which force their way in and begin plowing you in unison. In seconds, every new hole is being reamed by a plethora of eager cocks, even your face, muffling your words further.

"No, I think we'll need to keep you like this. Just for a while. I trust you're alright with that, aren't you my dear?" I ask.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i nod and start lowering myself onto the massive cock making my body stretch around your cock
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DrStrangeLove: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: I let out a long soft moan as your cocks delve inside me, my new pussies proving far more accommodating than the underlying physiology should be able to support. Indeed, in many cases you're able to push in more deeply than should be physically possible, prompting long guttural moans and soft whimpers as you do so, my body locking up and thrashing in pleasure. I hump and thrust against as many tendrils as I can, pushing my cock against the tentacle impaling it, then thrusting back against the ones using my lower holes, while my legs swing back and forth against the tentacles thrusting into my thighs two at a time. My back arches, pressing out my breasts, and my belly clenches around the tentacle thrusting into my navel. I try and answer your question, but it's no use - my pussy mouth is to busy suckling hungrily at the tentacle thrusting all the way down my throat, my eyes rolled back in pleasure as my tongue licks it in supplication. I can't possibly speak like this, but it's no matter - my answer is apparent anyway.
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: As you lower yourself onto the massive shaft, it seems to grow further out of the ground, reaching your own height in no time and suspending you on its mass. Even with your new, highly pliable body, this is quite a task! Nonetheless, it twitches appreciatively at your efforts, and tendrils reach up to grab your ankles, slowly dragging you down its length.

@DrStrangeLove: Your attempts to speak do not go unnoticed, nor your meaning misunderstood. The tendrils quickly pick up on your rhythm as you push to impale yourself on their firm lengths in several directions at the same time, moving to accentuate the effect of each of your movements by mirroring them, returning your efforts with equal force returned. Each one works with a mind of its own, attending to its own unique timing and firing into you like a well oiled machine.

They penetrate impossibly deep where holes are meant not to be, pulsing with wanton desire as they explore your new configuration. You can feel the wriggling inside you all over as they quicken, the telltale bulging and shiver in each one alerting you to the coming climax. You will receive a record number of simultaneous creampies, in moments, it seems.

"Are you quite ready to be filled up, Jaina?" I ask considerately.

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CutieNix: Oh wow. This is still ongoing.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i shudder and moan smiling as i feel the massive cock pushing its way into me
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DrStrangeLove: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: A soft pink glow begins to shine from my myriad holes as I approach orgasm, the mere promise of that pleasure pushing me to the brink and holding me there, desperate, while you rut me. My motions grow erratic, my control slipping as nirvana approaches, relying more and more on you to keep up the steady pace of the fucking while I slowly dissolve into a needy collection of holes, weakly squirming and whimpering around the cock down my throat, begging to be fucked.

My eyes roll back in my head as I feel your orgasm approaching, my holes clenching tight and practically vibrating with need as I imagine all that hot thick cum filling me in every hole until it overflows, oozing over my body in the most delightfully depraved bukkake and penetrating deep into my depths.

"MMMM! Mmm, mmm, mmmmm!" My words are completely unintelligle, but the need in my eyes and the clenching of my holes says everything that really needs to be said.
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Raven13: Calmly and gracefully the young woman makes her way over to the chair that was offered her, her half long navy blue hair being swept out her face as she sits down and looks at you. “I heard there was a demonstration here, so I was curious to see what exactly was going on. “ she spoke simply, neatly folding her hands in her lap as she finished her explanation. She must’ve looked quite odd in such a formal pose, especially considering the scene before her. She was fully dressed in a simple yet regal looking outfit, making her look every bit the curious passerby that she was.
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Raven13: ((Wonder where Gentleman_Shogoth is...))
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Raven13: (( hopefully this will continue after the server stops giving errors.. I was really looking forward to it))
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Raven13: ((Still nothing..))
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: "How very rude of me to keep you lovelies waiting," the mouths respond. "I must endeavor to be more attentive. Now, where was I?"

@Lucina: The tendrils tugging at your ankles continue to pull you further down the enormous shaft. In your original form, you'd already be tearing at the seams, but in your new gelatinous state, you remain impossibly intact. Mind you, you are stretched thin, indeed, and the amount of pressure building at the junction of your thighs is incomprehensible, overwhelming your mind and thoughts completely, discomfort so acute that it transcends the barrier of pain and circles right back around to pleasure, sending an orgasm rippling through you that only lubricates the massive prong with a flush of moisture. As your walls flutter around it, it is able to pull you even deeper still.

The thing is wider around than you are, so your torso stretches to accommodate its girth. With each torturous inch you are pulled down, more is pushed into you, creating a thin layer of your slimy body as a sleeve for the cock. After several long seconds, you have descended so low onto it that you can feel it pressing your shoulders apart, your throat and neck beginning to stretch in preparation for the continuing, long thrust. Your feet still have not yet touched the floor, and there is still quite a lot of the thing to take.

@DrStrangeLove: Your eagerness to receive my gift brings a smile to the mouths that dance in the ooze beneath you. Each penetration into every hole in your body -- natural and unnatural -- vibrates with need that matches the wanton desire in your lidded eyes. You are sure that you are about to be overwhelmed with cum (drowned in it, most likely) but something unpredictable happens before you receive that satisfaction.

You've been dangling from your wings, tail and horns for what seems like eternity. They surely ache, and while the myriad of tentacles fucking you has given them some respite as you are shoved upwards, for a brief moment they are set free. You plummet down into the tentacle pit below, the cocks plunging into your body rotating you as you fall to land roughly on your back. Not a single hole is left vacant during your descent, and you are fucked ragged from the moment of your release until your wings, tail and horns are almost sucked down into the muck below. The ooze is selective, pulling them under while firming up below your shoulders, hips, head and feet, growing solid with only a little give for your comfort.

The fall is disorienting, though the reason for it becomes quickly clear. Suspended in the air your body flopped around, shoved hither and fro by the pounding of the invading cocks. Here, on the ground, you you cannot escape the punishing thrusts, and their pounding is no longer blunted by gravity.

You are quickly pinned to the ground, every cock thrusting substantially harder into you, moving faster and faster. You can't move your head, your hands, or any part of you that currently entertains an enthusiastic tendril. They fuck you straight into the ground, giving you no quarter to move, breathe, even -think-.

You see the bulge travelling up the lengths of some of the shafts, especially the one that ruthlessly fucks your mouth-pussy, driving deep into your throat and slamming your head rhythmically against the meaty ground below you. It rockets up the sinewous length and crashes against your lips -- entirely too large to take -- just as you feel a similar bulge (or multiples) plug each hole just as completely. With every single orifice now stopped up by the army of tentacles about to drain their loads into you, it begins.

You feel the burst of intense heat at every point through your body as the tendrils shove impossibly deep. The cocks buried into the pussies in your palms explode, and the warmth travels up your forearms. Heat like lava erupts into your stomach, poured in through your navel, pussy and ass. Your tits bloom with heat, even your thighs growing hot as even more cum explodes into you. You can even feel it cascading down your throat, filling your stomach in seconds before the backup erupts through your nose.

But with every hole plugged, where can it all be going?

You feel your stomach beginning to expand slightly, pressure building as the combined output of no fewer than eight cock-vines dump into your torso. Your thighs grow round and firm as they fill impossibly with alien seed, and your tits swell in size at the overflowing torrent. You plump beautifully, swollen with the collective cum you've earned.

Only after torturous minutes of being filled nearly to bursting with this seed do the bulges subside, unblocking your entrances. The cocks are nearly forced out of you by the eruption, every one of your thoroughly fucked orifices gushing steaming cum out of your wrecked body, coating you thoroughly and allowing the swelling to go down somewhat. Thoughtful tendrils reach under you, rolling you onto your side and allowing the cum to drain, slowly.

"Jaina," you hear my voice whisper. "How are you doing?"

@Raven13: As you take a very elegant posture on the seat, a mass of the ectoplasm rises up across from you in a column, one large eye centrally seated in the 'head' of the thing, as several mouths constantly form and melt across its shape. They address you cordially. "You are quite correct, my dear," they explain. "We were just showing the kind denizens of this lovely community that some monsters do indeed know how to treat a lady." A small offshoot tendril gestures broadly to the slime and cum soaked room -- the trail of cum where Miss Nix had left, swollen with eggs; the deep pit that had swallowed Miss klutz, where soft moans still emanated; the tight tendril that had swallowed Lucina, echoing sounds of eldritch euphoria; Miss Jaina's battered and gushing body, unrecognizable under a thick blanket of cum.

"We have many satisfied volunteers thus far," I explain, shifting closer to you as you take in the scenery, the pool of ectoplasm rushing over your shoes. Soft strands of ooze sink into them, filling them and massaging the space between your toes, and under your soles, others coiling over your ankle and gently climbing your calves, wrapping around them. "I would be delighted to add you to their ranks, should you be so inclined?"
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Raven13: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: As the ectoplasm covered her feet Raven made a single, nearly unnoticeable gesture. Her shoes vanished almost instantly and as the tendrils continued to move up her legs, they were given uninhibited access to the pale skin that lay below the layers of formal dress attire.

She briefly studied both ‘volunteers’, unable to stop the fainted of blushes as she considered the endless pleasure they obviously were in.

Gathering her thoughts and regaining her poise, she spoke. “I most certainly accept such a gracious offer, as I have no doubt in your kind. They have always been far above the humankind when it comes to giving pleasure, or satisfying their own wants and needs. I do sincerely hope that you don’t take afoul of my next statement, but I am unsure if you can handle one such as myself. Despite my relatively innocent and frail appearance, I am powerful and respected among my own kind. I hardly ever am able to receive the kind of overstimulated pleasure I long for, for usually my partners lack the stamina or skill to bring me to ruin, or they fear of hurting me.”

As she paused briefly, she stood up from the chair and looked into the eye of the column in a unwavering yet gentle stare. “If you think you can prove just how good your kind is, I would love to volunteer.”

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Marbles: The legend himself is back, boys and girls, back to show us all how to treat a lady.
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trentwalker527: fuck yeah, who else is excited
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Marbles: @trentwalker527: Thank you kindly, Friends~! Words fail me. I don't even know how to respond.

@Raven13: The eye watches you as you state your wishes, seeming to take no offense to the suggestion that I may be 'insufficient' to attend to your needs. The column bobs slightly, lilting to the side as it considers your proposition and needs, even as the rising tendrils climb your calves, cresting over your knees in soft, slow-moving waves. They gently caress your thighs as they ascend, working slowly towards your core.

"I can see your predicament. I do hope that these lovely ladies will serve as my credentials -- my stamina is indeed boundless, and I am no stranger to overwhelming my quarry, but I certainly would not ask you to take my word for it," I explain humbly. A lone tendril wafts from the column, reaching forward to tenderly take your hand, leading you into forward into the fray. "Let us discover together how best we may sate your fiercest cravings."

Each step into the muck brings you sinking just a little deeper, wading into the pool of viscous slime. Tendrils slip from the pool around you, rising to grab at the corners of your clothes, tugging them off and bearing the curves of your body and your undergarments to the myriad eyes carefully observing you from the muck. The muck creeping up your thighs seems to break away from the whole, gliding up your skin and over your body, the as yet light touches of the undulating ooze faintly tickle and abrade your pale flesh as they begin to roam over your body, moving slowly and mapping the contours of your body, feeling what underthings you had on beneath your regal apparel.

There is a definite sense of purpose to their prowling, acting under the will of the whole. The individual pools wobble into eachother periodically, colliding, connecting and stretching narrow strands as they continue to explore you.

"Now then, do you see anything that you like, Ms. Raven?" I ask, voice echoing from the chorus of mouths appearing across the shapeless mass as we survey the others. "Do you prefer to be overwhelmed, as was the fate of the lovely Ms. Klutz? Or to be thoroughly stretched, as was Ms. Lucina? Or, did you perhaps have something -else- in mind?" I ask, as new strands of slime emerge from the pool, beginning to caress you more intentionally, grazing the junction between your legs through your panties and the round globes of your ass. They climb your abdomen, across your stomach towards your breasts. As they do, the disconnected orbs of slime that have been mapping your skin begin to form a complex web of strands binding around you, forming a thin layer of ooze that adheres tightly to your body, stitching together a new garment that pulses and undulates with sinister intent.
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Raven13: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: As the column shifted to study her and spoke to her, Raven inwardly was almost unable to contain her excitement. Boundless stamina was something she didn’t hear often, at least not to a point where she undoubtedly believed it. “Of course you credentials are valued by myself, I am wholeheartedly impressed by your skill as well as you generosity and incredible humbleness. You truly are a gentleman.” She complimented, briefly regaining her cool.

As the tendril snaked up into her hand, she allowed her hand to clasp it, following its lead. By now she was more than aware of the ectoplasmic tendrils explore her body, surprised at their intricacy as they moved incredibly gently, leaving her entire body covered in goosebumps of excitement. The cool and professional mask was beginning to break, as Raven sighed a sigh of pure relief as the pool of muck did away with her regal dress, leaving her solely dressed in a black silk bra and matching panties. A blush crept up her face again, but it wasn’t because she was uncomfortable or ashamed of her body. She shivered with excitement and a rapidly forming wetness in her folds.

As the strands of ooze continued their exploration, Raven focused on what the reverberating voices as one told her. As the last words faded, she pondered her response. “I am certainly seeing a lot of things I like, and judging by the looks on miss Lucina and miss Jaina faces, I am certain they are enjoying themselves to the fullest extend of the word. I am not quite sure where to start, so I would like to explain my wishes and let you, in your infinite experience and wisdom decide the path to take.” She said, briefly pausing to look down at the newly formed garment which pulsed with intent. With a lust filled look and a matching tone of voice, she continued. “I enjoy being overwhelmed and overstimulated to a point where pleasure and the slightest of pain circle into another, building together until I beg for you to stop and don’t stop in equal measures. I like to be treated a little on the rough side, taken beyond my limits by one not bound by worry. I may not seem like it, but as I am a witch with decades of training, I can bounce back from injury with ease, barring the extremes. A little over stretching or any altercations to my form like you did with Lucina won’t be a problem. I am very flexible, in both senses of the word.” She finished, unable to hold a slight chuckle.
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Raven13: The column that walks beside you in almost ceremonious fashion, delicately holding your hand even as the shimmering ooze begins to cover your body, extends a second tendril which caresses the top of your hand sweetly as you describe your desires. It seems to share your soft chuckle, burbling slightly in reaction, equally pleased with your double-entendre. "I see," the voice replies, sounding not at all displeased with the task you've provided. "I believe that all of this is very achievable."

The words had no sooner reached your ears before you feel a sudden change in the thin layer of ectoplasm that adheres to your body like leather. It has spread from your toes to your neck, the spotty covering instantly fleshing out to cover every inch, constricting around you as it does, squeezing you so tightly that it nearly forces the breath from your lungs. It adheres almost like skin-tight rubber, compressing your arms, chest, thighs, waist, even slightly around your neck, applying gentle pressure against your windpipe. If you experimentally try to move, even a little, you discover that the new bodysuit prevents anything more than even a futile wriggling.

"Shall we begin?" I ask innocently.

A strand of slime that you weren't even fully aware of spans the space between your shoulder blades to the floor, extending into the gelatinous ground beneath you. With a single whipping motion, it pulls you from your feet, slamming you down onto your back, and though the impact is cushioned by the quickly firming ooze, it is still enough to pull a little more breath from your lungs, through your gently massaged throat. Your suit quickly melds to the floor, restricting motion further even as you can feel it tighten around you.

The tight gelatinous cage begins to seep, filtering through even the incredibly fine holes between the threads of your silk bra and panties, flexing almost imperceptibly and shredding the garments at a seemingly microscopic level. It sinks into your pores, vibrating vigorously and exfoliating your skin, smoothing and softening every inch while increasing your sensitivity to the restrictive touch tenfold. That same vibration is felt even more acutely as pressure begins to mount at your now unprotected pussy, where the ooze invades and surrounds your folds and lips before solidifying, delivering the vibration more completely than you ever could have thought possible. The pressure mounts, and the same sensation begins to arise over every erogenous zone. Your nipples are quickly teased into stiffness, evident through the form-fitting layer that seems like it should flatten your breasts, but doesn't. Rather than smashing them against your ribs, pressure is applied around their circumference, making them appear impossibly fuller, perkier, while still delivering that same crushing pressure. You feel the same mounting pressure tightening your backside, your cheeks constricted and bound around their perimeter, spreading them wide for potential invasion, and the ooze flows to your tight backdoor, filling the ridges considerably as you feel the vibration there as well.

Your navel and inner thighs all suffer the same glorious touch, drawing your attention away as you feel a growth beneath your back. A large mound grows under your back, causing your rooted frame to bend with its arch, testing your flexibility as your spine follows the curve. Your toes never -quite- leave the murky pool, but you feel your hair cascade down the mound, the tips dipping into the ooze, as something beneath the surface seems to find them and grip them tightly, pulling down hard and locking the back of your head against the downward arc. It's all happening dizzyingly fast, though as you begin to grasp your predicament, you see a handful of tendrils rising out of the muck, presenting a range of sizes, textures, and configurations. Some appear tentacular, sporting suckers and grippers present in marine life, while others are clearly cock inspired -- thick, meaty shafts that quiver with eldritch need. You can only imagine, from a similar cauldron-like bubbling noise below you, that a similar assortment of implements is rising out of the muck by your legs, which are spread abruptly and widely as your hands are bound to your sides.

The visible tendrils orient on you, making their way towards you as the living suit that binds you to the mound vibrates in anticipation, tightening even further against your shoulders, increasing the pressure mounting between your legs exponentially. The column meanders in sight of you, the eye watching you, a faintly predatory hunger in its gaze. "I'd ask you to tell me if the discomfort grows too great, however I understand that may defeat the purpose somewhat, wouldn't it?" The mass forming the column ebbed, a gesture not entirely unlike a shrug. The tight covering that applies pressure to your throat begins to slowly extend upwards, gliding up your cheeks. On each side, a the travelling leathery ooze tugs at the corner of your lips, wriggling into your mouth on each side and tracing the outside of your teeth, slipping behind them and beginning to grow, wedging your mouth wide open in preparation for what you know is to come.
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Raven13: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: As the web like garment tightens and morphs into a full body suit, Raven was ever thankful for her own experimentations. She had often times used magic to confine herself in a similar manner, and to heighten her sensitivity. Had she not, she would surely have climaxed already, as the suit vibrated and pulsed all over her sensitive body. Her skin broke out in shivering goosebumps, furthering the sensitivity and causing her to wiggle the slightest amount in her bounds.

As she was swept up and came to a stop on the mound, her breath fled her lungs, forcing her to take a few deep breaths, both accidentally and on porpoise pushing her breasts harder against the suit, moaning in delight at the pressure cupping her globes. There she lay, spread open for all to see, and for the elder creature to use to his liking. As all sorts of apparatus passed through her scope of vision, Raven feels herself go even more moist. She strained against the bindings once more, becoming more desperate to find pleasure with each passing second. She once more tried to work her chest against the cups of the suit, as well as pushing out her bottom in an attempt to gain more stimulus on the round globes of her ass. Another moan, longer and higher in pitch, undoubtedly won’t go unnoticed by the column, making Raven slightly anxious as she is unsure if there will be repercussions.

Her legs are pulled even further apart as the suit begins to vibrate more intently, building the pressure between her legs. As she hears the rhetorical question, she opens her mouth to answer, only to find that the ectoplasm spreads inside her mouth and opens it wide, ready for the task at hand. Despite the hazy feeling in her head and body, she thinks fast, muttering a spell so she can speak, even with her mouth opened or filled. “That would indeed be so, sir. I do hope my current state is to your liking, but should you deem it insufficient, I do implore you to change it to your liking. ” Her voice speaks, as her physical mouth stays opened by the solid goo. She lets out a hot and heavy breath, her face flush with anticipation and building arousal.
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Raven13: Your purported magical prowess promptly proves prudent as you telepathically reply to my question. The mouths coalescing and vanishing on the column seem to smile kindly, clearly thankful that you approve of your treatment and the creative mechanisms used to restrain you up to this point. A ripple travels through the bodysuit that restrains you -- a kind of gentle acknowledgement that I am glad you are enjoying yourself -- however, this is not the game that we are playing now, and as one who tires effortlessly to fulfill your wildest fantasies, I am quite aware of my role, and I am keen to play all of its facets.

The column leans close to you as the angle of the mound under you becomes more acute, slowly becoming too much so for your body to follow. A solid stalk elevates you now, to bring your eyes on level with the eye in the cognizant column that converses with you, your arms and legs being pulled roughly down by tethers of ooze that cling still to your suit, which sends another ripple of pleasurable vibration from your cheeks to your toes. At the same time, it recedes from the round globes of your ass curiously, baring the skin to the cool air, though a narrow strip follows your cleft from your lower back to your mound to maintain peak pressure against your asshole and pussy. The single large eye orients on you a voice addressing you kindly in response, through a similar channel that you use to speak to me.

"Oh, Miss Raven," it coos softly as the column leans close, orienting a mouth to your ear as if sharing a secret. It nibbles your earlobe, tongue tracing the cartilaginous shell of your ear, a narrow tongue briefly flitting out and dancing into the canal to stimulate you further. A husky whisper follows. "Fuckmeat can't talk."

The sentence is punctuated by a sudden lash against your exposed ass cheeks, the resultant slap loud enough to echo throughout the chambers. The wide, flat tentacle caught you just below the meatiest part of your ass, leaving a hot, stinging sensation in its wake. You are given barely enough time to yelp before one of the long tendrils in front of your face orients on your lips and dives in. This one is faintly cock-shaped, a pronounced head already leaking generous ooze in anticipation of ravaging your throat. It is meaty, firm, and smooth, pressing past your gagged lips and rubbing against them gently as your mouth is filled, your tongue roughly pushed aside as it shoves in. It navigates straight to the back of your throat, giving you no time to acclimatize before it dives in, a palpable bulge growing in your throat as it settles there, dragging itself back out before lunging back in again.

It proves difficult to focus on this as the stiff vibrations that had rocked through your suit previously become even more intense. Your pussy is being throttled, quaking as the suit becomes even tighter, digging up into your lips and crushing your clit as the ooze there pulses ferociously, trying to drive you to that orgasm you'd considered yourself lucky to have avoided earlier. You can feel the suit beginning to penetrate you, the material saved from the suit's constriction entering your quivering pussy and firming up, maintaining that strong vibration and stirring you up inside.

Another strange alteration to the bodysuit occurs. As your stiff nipples press against the cupped confinement, the ooze-material recedes from the stiffest portion of your areola, baring them to the cool air as well. As this happens, you feel the constriction around each one grow stronger still, starting from the base of your breast and slowly spiraling up to the apex. This motion repeats several times before you find yourself being milked, the firm grip of the suit having its way with your magnificent tits.
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Raven13: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: Her body being lifted from a somewhat comfortable position on the rack-like mound to a reversed teardrop shape, held aloft by a single solid stalk, was just what her brain needed to rattle itself away from the pleasure filled haze. Within a few moments, the muscles in her shoulders and lower back began to burn in protest, giving her just enough to ground herself with. She stares back into the eye defiantly, only to blink in confusion when the suit recedes from her bottom, leaving only an ever tightening string in its wake.

The words spoken to her barely have time to reach her ears as the single slap against her asscheeks registers with her, causing Raven to let out a strangled, lust ridden moan of discomfort. The sound is further stopped by the tendril diving into her mouth and thrusting inside her throat. The air around her is filled with slurping wet gasps and half moans, as Raven attempts to stimulate the appendage with whatever movement her tongue is capable of.

As the string like panties tighten and vibrate with strong and extreme frequency, the haze settles into her brain again, only thickening as the ectoplasm slips between her soaked folds and her breasts are roughly milked. With immense efforts fighting a losing effort against her orgasm, her voice rings out once more. “I’m communicating.. telepathically, sir..” She croaks out between lustful moans.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: my eyes roll up as i quiver in ecstacy from the massive cock and i drool feeling how much it stretched my body
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Raven13: "Mmm, I know," the voice responds to your explanation at the persisting responses. "But how can you truly be overstimulated, and truly at my mercy, if you have the power to cry out?" it asks. "To beg me to stop? As futile as both actions would be, it is a release, and I don't think I need for you to have a release from what I will do to you."

The column lilts closer to you, keeping its eyes on yours even as the lewd tendril plunders your throat, each thrust pushing it a little deeper in your mouth, beginning to approach your stomach. "I can -take- that power from you," it whispers, its voice low, commanding, faintly threatening. "For a time, at least. But I can rob you of any power to speak." It waits for a moment, allowing that thought to sink in. "But I'm not sure if that's necessary. What do you think?"

As if daring you to speak, the flat tendril lashes against your backside again, a loud crack filling the room as it firmly paddles the middle of your plush cheeks. This time it is not a single, stinging incident, but five lashes, back to back, making you feel as if a warm glow is rising on the quickly reddening flesh.

"Shall I continue?" I ask, the voice testing you. Of course, it does not wait for your response. Your skin-tight prison begins to change again, constricting impossibly further, beginning to cut off circulation to your extremities, making it harder still to draw breath, in conjunction with the unnatural contortion of your body. The narrow strand of ooze that follows your ass begins to shiver, a new hole opening up, revealing your soft, soaked mound and glistening pussy.

You see a small twinkle of satisfaction in the eye on the column that watches you, drinking in your expression and delicious torment.

Another cock -- much larger than the one you can begin to feel bulging in your belly, pressing against the tight suit that holds you captive -- nudges firmly against your slick slit. You can only feel the head, pressing firmly between your lips, but the sheer size of it is alarming. It wriggles, pressure behind it mounting as it begins to thrash, pressing into you inch by torturous inch. Your well-exercised cunt gets a workout, containing the firm, frantic thing that struggles to invade you even deeper.

"Yessssss," the column coos affectionately as it buries itself into you, filling you terminally with its enormous girth. It begins to withdraw, slamming into you again and sending a message of immense pleasure and unbearable fullness through your nerves. At the same time, the tight string cleaving your ass separates close to your forbidden hole, drawing apart and spreading your cheeks wide. From below, yet another phallic implement gets to work -- this one wide enough to cause your winking backdoor -considerable- discomfort, a ridged texture that will send your tightest hole straight to hell and back to heaven. It plunges into your asshole in a heartbeat, before you have the opportunity to fight it, gaining a foothold so it cannot be forced out. Once in, it begins to push, forcing you to fight each and every ridged surface, which threatens to overwhelm your tight ass.

@Lucina: The massive cock pushes deeper into you, your shoulders and neck now growing to allow it entrance. You can feel the cock rising through your throat where it seems to catch. It feels like you'll be hung up on this massive member until you receive one final tug on your ankles, and your jaw makes way. The cock lances completely through you, and your completely stretched body slides all the way down to the floor, converted into a sleeve for the enormous prong.

"MMmmmmmhhh, yes," you hear voices all around you moaning in satisfied unison. A thick tendril lifts out of the fluid collecting at the base of the cavernous room, which wraps around your body. It begins to glide you up and down, using your gelatinous form to stroke the length of the cock, which shivers and pulses inside you, hot to the touch.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: i quiver and moan in pure ecstacy as you use my body like a fleshlight, making me drool all over your shaft
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Raven13: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: As the column speaks out to her, Raven can do nothing else but remain defiant. Yes, this is her fantasy. Yes, she wants to be taken beyond her limits. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to make things easy, not even on the most gentlemanly and willing of Eldritch monsters. After all, what good is a game if you can cruise to a victory without any opposition.

Yet even despite her most valiant efforts to remain in control, the spell slips from her grasp. Instead of silencing her though her sounds came through unfiltered. As the spanks rained down on her ass, she moaned loudly -both in her mind and physically. The physical moan made her throat vibrate, hopefully bringing pleasure to the tentacle fucking her throat. However, her mind begged for more, more and more. She enjoyed the warm, glowing and slightly stinging sensation. “I’d love.. to see you.. try..” She taunted, staring at the eye.

Her gaze stayed transfixed on it, even as she felt an immense tendril spreading her folds and plunging into her. Her walls were stretched uncomfortably, even though the pleasure of being completely filled. With the third tendril plunged into her last hole and the suit tightened to the point of cutting circulation and restricting her breath, Raven panicked ever so slightly, thrashing in her bonds and clenching down with all her strength at the invading members. For now, the pain dampened her excitement, driving her away from her peak.

Even though every conscious thought implored her not to, she cried out, her voice picking up again and imploring the column to please stimulate her clit. The little nub of flesh lay open and exposed, untouched and throbbing with need. She needed it. She needed to cum.
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Gentleman_Shoggoth: @Lucina: The tendril continues to glide your terminally stretched body up and down the length of the massive shaft, the monstrous cock impaling you completely. It twitches and squirms, thrusting roughly through you and taking no efforts to be gentle as you as tightly squeezed against it. With your overly sensitized body stretched over its surface, it's as if every single inch of your body is a clit being brutally overstimulated. You can almost feel the cock beginning to pulse, a load unlike anything you've ever seen beginning to bubble through the shaft, thick white cum beginning to leak from the tip, though the real show is yet to come.

@Raven13: The column seems pleased with your defiant invitation, taunting it to make it show whether its threat to take away your powers was merely a bluff, or something that was in its power to accomplish. A few of the mouths fluttering across its surface smile leaning close to you as one of them kisses your sweaty forehead. "I had -so- hoped you would say that."

A large tendril with a flattened end rises out of the muck below you, hovering in front of you for a few moments. This same implement has seen use previously tonight, broadcasting thoughts and images into the minds of the previous victi--... volunteers. As a creature of magic yourself, you can sense the innate forces at work in this thing, though whether they are themselves magic, psychic, biological, or even some disruptive magnetism, it is difficult to say. All that can be said for sure is that you are far from out of the woods.

Your suit tightens further, slowing the circulation of blood in your body further, but now it begins to apply greater pressure to your neck, slowing the oxygen you can intake, the effects beginning to daze you slightly. To make matters worse, the flat tendril squirms close to you, cradling your head. Your throat, pussy, and ass continue to get fucked relentlessly, and on some level you must know that they would have driven you quickly to an orgasm, if not for the discomfort of your position and the tight constriction that is beginning to threaten your consciousness.

"Let's try the simple solution first." From the tendril that supports your head, you begin to feel the effects of its capability. To the other girls, it filled their minds with sinful images, pictures of them and their delightful torture from outside, but for you, it feels like... white noise. Injections of nothing, strange flashes of blinding white interrupt even the most simple of your thoughts, pushing and overriding your concentration for even the simplest of spells, making it nearly impossible to form a cohesive word, let alone summon any of your substantial power.

And yet, your trained mind catches brief images in those blinding white flashes, thoughts of you suffering an orgasm unlike anything you'd ever imagined, something so powerful and biological it overwhelms every part of you. It's hard to imagine this in your future, given the discomfort, but even in the chaos of your mind, overrun with alien thoughts and static, you can sense there is a plan, and that you will know it sooner than you'd expected.

The static stops, and you realize for the briefest moment that you had almost forgotten about the forcible thrusts that have been pushing your body to an incredible high, buried under all of that discomfort.

And that is the moment the column's plans are set into action. The punishing, unforgiving constriction of your bodysuit ends abruptly, releasing your throat just as the vine impaling it retracts through your esophagus, leaving you to gasp and flood your lungs with oxygen. The suit shreds itself, releasing you just as the pillar pressing uncomfortably in your back vanishes, leaving you falling. You land onto a plush murky surface that cushions and cradles you, and with a series of final thrusts, the tendrils tending your nethers bury themselves deep in you.

Oxygen floods your lungs, blood, and brain, and with that discomfort now absent, it's to feel in seconds what the plan had been all along. That intense pleasure you were sure had to have been building was indeed there, -overwhelmingly- so, and with the fresh burst of oxygen amplifying the sensation, taking an orgasm that would have been earth-shattering on its own and making it exponentially stronger. Small cuffs reach out of the ooze and capture your wrists and ankles, holding you down as you feel the beginning of the orgasm washing over you.
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Lucina: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: my entire body quivers in anticipation as it tightens around your shaft, losing my mind to such pleasure
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Raven13: @Gentleman_Shoggoth: Glad and thankful as Raven is for the columns willingness to play a game with her, she is still somewhat hesitant that she might’ve bitten off a bit too much for her to chew.

As the tendril passes through her vision, Raven indeed senses -something- within its confines. She wonders all but for a brief moment, as the tendril starts on its task and the body suit tightens to nearly bone crushing tightness. The pain in her limbs is almost unbearable and her throat is squeezed so tight the tendril fucking her throat blocks any air from entering. The only place the crushing pressure is somewhat positive is around her breasts. They’re squeezed so tightly the skin reddens to an dark and angry pink, and a fairly strong stream of white thin liquid bursts from her nipples. Distracting from whatever pleasure the tendrils pounding her orifices bring her is the maddening whiteness, both in sound and vision as brought on by the tendril and the ever diminishing oxygen in her veins. Flashes of some sort of plan danced through her mind, yet she was unable to comprehend what the future had in store for her. She feels herself slipping from consciousness, almost passing out.

As soon and sudden as the white noise and flashes invaded her mind, they stop. Even in the incredible and all conquering wall of confusion in her mind, she feels the constricting suit vanish, leaving her in even more confusion as she descends onto the floor.

The tentacle leaves her throat and she is allowed to breath again, which she does with unmatched gusto. Only after her lungs have filled for a third time does she notice the intense feelings of pleasure, causing her to moan and babble incoherently as she is cuffed in an “X” shape with her two remaining holes being pounded mercilessly.

She feels her orgasm building, higher and faster than anything she previously knew. However, the creature may have underestimated her abilities in the slightest, as she regains her clarity before the peak. Almost automatically, a healing spell passes over her, fading the brightly red ligature marks around her limbs and neck to a barely noticeable pink. She doesn’t heal her lashed bottom nor does she alter the blush colored globes of her tits. Her voice rings out sharply, and she manages to speak. “Nice try, sir.” She croaks, her gaze settling on the eye. With new and improved room to wiggle and move, she starts to thrust back upon the tendrils inside her, driving them in just a little further as her inner muscles tense up and she peaks in a chorus of moans, pleas and spasms.
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Raven13: (( I know I’m late, but happy new year all!))
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