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Sadrina: I`m the girl
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Loli_Girl: That does look quite interesting...being held captive by a mighty beast like this, maybe even bred to give birth to his child...I'd absolutely love that! ^^

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Marbles: @Loli_Girl: You do appear to be in need of a bestial master to watch over and care for you, in return for serving as his breeder. Perhaps I can be of service in that regard.
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Lucina: @Marbles: please take me to~!id love to have a beast master take care of me while i serve as a breeder~!

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Marbles: @Lucina: Forgive my absence, I was away on business for a few days, you understand. Of course, lateness aside, I’m always willing to take another lovely lady under my care. I offer three meals a day fit for a king, a luxurious home to reside in, and a warm, comfortable spot to sleep at my feet. All I require from you is your complete subservience. You must surrender yourself to me, and if you do I will own your body, mind, and soul. However, I do not wish to impose such a large commitment on anyone unless it is of their own volition. Just remember, should you decide to become my breeder, it will be the last independent choice you will ever make.
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Lucina: @Marbles: i understand and i accept master~!

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Marbles: @Lucina: I’m very pleased to hear you say that. Now, as my breeder, you will be required to wear a collar at all times, along with presenting yourself for marking. The mark is nothing big, just a small bite, but both will serve to solidify your place as mine. You will be expected to submit yourself for an initial inspection, collaring, and marking, and I expect you to do so on your knees.
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Lucina: @Marbles: as you wish~*i strip off my clothes before going to my knees

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Marbles: @Lucina: As you lower yourself to your knees before me I rumble appreciatively at your unquestioning compliance. I then begin to circle you, taking in every inch of your body with an approving eye.
“You are quite beautiful my dear, though forgive me if I think you’ll be even more beautiful stretched around my cock.”
I stop behind you, then wrap a large paw around your head, gently moving it to the right to expose the crook of your neck. I use my other paw to hold your arms at your sides and your body still, then without warning I lower my head and quickly slash two jagged lines into the soft flesh where your neck meets your shoulder. Before blood even has a chance to well from the cuts, I shift my head and repeat the gesture, only this time opening a single gash angling through the previous two. You gasp with the sudden spark of pain as I release you, moving around to stand before you. You look up at me as I press a claw to my own tongue, drawing a bead of blood, before moving your head aside again and gently running my tongue over the cuts in your neck. The pain apruptly fades, and you feel an odd tingling spreading through your body as our blood meets. Satisfied, I move back, leaving you kneeling as I search for something.
“Now that our blood has met, we are irrefutably linked as Master and breeder. Your soul now bears my mark just as prominently as your body does, and with that you are now my property. Ah, here we are.”
I produce a metal collar, cast in the purest of silver, so pale it borders on white. Delacate golden filigree spiderwebs its way over the collar, swirling around the gems scattered across its surface. A single loop of metal extends from the center, and attached is a fine silver chain, wrought in the same style as the collar itself. You instinctively raise your head and I chuckle at your eagerness, before moving forward and fitting the collar around your outstretched neck, before snapping it closed. It fits perfectly, not too tight, but not too loose either. It’s noticably heavy without being a burden, simply reminding you of your comittment. After I let you adjust to the new sensation I tap on a few of the stones with my claws, and you gasp as a warm sensation floods over you and the collar clicks with a certain finality. You feel the wounds closing on your shoulder, and you run a hand over them to feel a set of small ridges. My mark, permenantly claiming you as mine. All the bumps, bruises, and small cuts that you received on your journey to me prickle intensely before healing. You feel the warmth then begin to concentrate around your pussy, ass, mouth, throat, and breasts.
“Well, if it wasn’t apparent already, that collar is imbued with a large assortment of powerful spells designed to assist you in your service as my breeder. First, it will keep you virtually immune to any sickness and heal your wounds with supernatural swiftness. Second, it provides your body with a large degree of flexibility, allowing you to easily take large insertions like my own. Finally, it has affected your breasts as well, allowing you to produce much more milk than normal, essential when feeding hungry hatchlings. The collar itself can also adjust its size based on the need. For example, if your throat is bulging with my cock, it will expand to allow passage. Similarly, the chain can change lengths as well, useful for if I wish to restrain you.”
“Now my dear, I am a being a considerable power, and I am able to change my form at will. However, I am also capable of influencing the form of those who give themselves to me, much as you have. As such, do you wish for an altered form? Perhaps larger breasts, larger ass, thinner waist? I could even influence you more drastically, influencing your internal structure to better service me, or giving you certain animalistic attributes, such as cat or fox ears and tails. What creature you resemble will sometimes affect the offspring, so perhaps to add some variety to the hatchlings you would wish to alter your form. However, all that is completely up to you, as I am perfectly content with breeding you in your current state.”
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Lucina: @Marbles: ooh master whatever changes you think will please you the most are fine with me~~ ill let you know if i think of anything, maybe change my insides to start~

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Marbles: @Lucina: “Very well my dear, I appreciate your willingness to please me. I do have a few ideas I would like to explore, but first, your interior requires modification.”

I approach, and laying claws on a few select gems of your collar, I begin to channel power through them. Once again you feel the tingling spreading out from the band around your neck, but this time it delves within you, focusing around your womb, chest, and bowels. The prickling around your womb pussy, and tits reaches a fever pitch, then subsides. Your tits have expanded, sitting larger and fuller upon your chest, though you’re not sure what happened to your breeding equipment. That thought is quickly replaced, however, as you feel your digestive tract begin to change, impacted by the magic now coursing through you. You feel your organs rearranging, your intestines shortening and writhing as they straighten, your stomach all but disappearing. The tingling lasts for much longer than before, but once it finishes you feel far different. I remove my paw from around your neck and explain.
“The first thing I have done is modify your womb to better support my offspring, as they will not grow like those you are familiar with. Instead they grow within shells within you, and eventually you will lay a large egg. The second change was to your breasts, increasing their productivity tenfold, as a dragon hatchling is going to be far hungrier than your normal child.”

“I must admit that the final change was more out of curiosity than practicality, if I’m honest, and I do hope you don’t mind. What I’ve done is essentially turn your entire digestive tract into one long, straight tube. A walking, talking cocksleeve, if you will. Don’t worry, the changes to your digestive tract will revert eventually, unless you would rather keep them for longer and receive nutrition through means other than eating. Now, with the heavy enhancements out of the way, let’s focus on your appearance. I must admit, I have never bred a vixen before, though I’m quite eager to try. I hope that the form pleases you, as I’m sure it will compliment you wonderfully.”

With that, I reach for the collar again, pressing stones and channeling power. You first feel the change in your ears. They lengthen into large, thin triangles, before moving up your head while fur matching your hair begins to cover them. As they settle into place in their new location atop your head, you begin to feel the base of your spine stretch, quickly forming a large, fluffy tail. Bones creak as your feet adapt into a more canid, digitigrade form, and fur creeps up from your fingers and toes to cover your lower arms and calves, giving you the look of stockings and sleeves. Finally, you feel your waist thin a tad and your hips widen slightly, making your ass even more prominent, especially with its new, fluffy decoration. I retreat and survey my work before snorting in satisfaction.

“You look wonderful, my dear, not that you weren’t attractive in your previous state. Now, assuming you’re satisfied with your form, I would like to, ah... play with my new fucktoy. If there is anything you would like changed just ask, otherwise...”

“...Onto your hands and knees, spread your ass and raise your tail for me.”
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Lucina: @Marbles: oooh im loving this new form~*i smile as i get on all fours and i raise my tail for you

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Marbles: @Lucina: (My apologies for the inattentiveness, life kicked into a high gear very quickly and I’ve had very little time as of late.)

I step over you, rumbling in appreciation at your lovely body and unquestioning compliance. As my shadow falls over you, you look back and see my cock for the first time, swaying slightly in time with my movements. It’s enormous, at least as large as your leg, veins standing out as blood courses through the thick tool. It’s impressive, but you find your eyes drawn to the massive knot at the base of my length, throbbing with need. I chuckle as I see your eyes widen in alarm at the sight of the large cock.

“No need to worry dear, your body has been modified to handle me. Yes, that includes the knot. Now, it would seem a shame to make such drastic changes to your innards and not take advantage of them, don’t you think?”

Without waiting for an answer, I put a paw on your back and force your front to the ground, your tits squishing outwards as your rear is raised into the air, tail still curled out of the way. I rest the tip on my huge head against your tightly clenched ass, pausing for a moment, before slowly but surely pushing forward. You whine as your backdoor is forcefully pried open, far past what it could normally take.

With a sudden pop, my cockhead slips fully into your ass, and I growl in pleased satisfaction as your velvety insides spasm around the intruder. I continue forcing myself deeper, and soon you can feel a large bulge protruding from your stomach. Barely a third of my dick has sunk into your accommodating ass when I pause and adjust my stance.

“I hope you’re ready for a fucking you won’t ever forget,” I rumble into your ear, before drawing back til just the head remains in your ass, then slamming it forward and back into you.

I launch into a savage fucking, pounding your ass with no remorse, using you only as a toy to sate my lust. You put a hand to your stomach and feel your normally taunt skin stretch around the vicious intrusion. You also notice that with every thrust, my cock sinks a few inches deeper into you, it’s progress helped along by the straight tube that had once been your bowels...
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Lucina: @Marbles: aah fuck yes~!!

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Marbles: @Lucina: I hear your pleasured cries, and smirk, knowing that soon you won't even be capable of producing those. The rutting continues, and you my cock working its way ever deeper into your body, until you realize that my deepest thrusts now bottom out in your chest, something that wouldn't be possible without the power of the collar. However, with the collar around your neck, you're overwhelmed with pleasure, and your eyes roll back in your head as the bulge of my cock plunges beneath your ribcage again and again. You don't know how it's happening, but at this point you don't care, as every nerve of your body sings with pleasure.

I slow from the ruthless pace that I had been keeping up for the past few minutes, favoring slower, deeper thrusts. I then stop altogether, with only my head still buried in your ass, and readjust my stance, widening my rear legs and digging my claws in. You only have a precious few seconds to wonder what it's all about before my grip on your head tightens and I push forward, back into you. This time, though, it doesn't stop. You feel your body stretching, making way for my cock as in plunges deeper, and you let out a long moan.

That moan is cut off suddenly, trailing off into a gurgle as your throat bulges, and a few seconds later, the head of my dick emerges from your mouth. I snort in satisfaction, and lift myself up, forcing you to follow as the cock running you through throbs powerfully. I rise to my full height, and you gurgle again as your arms and legs leave the ground, leaving you hanging, wrapped around my cock like some living cocksock.

"I must say, I'm impressed with your tenacity, and you serve me very well as a cockwarmer. I'm honestly thinking about keeping you there for a while, see how that suits me. What do you think, hmm...?"
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Lucina: @Marbles: my eyes roll up an i drool and shudder on your cock
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Lucina: @Marbles: my eyes roll up an i drool and shudder on your cock, arms going limp
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