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  • 02/22/18 - Apologies for the recent mess and scary warnings - there were no real viruses, that was our security expert deploying tests that use some of the same techniques because that's the only way to test for them. The old site software had not been updated in many years and that left it vulnerable to several holes. If those holes were left open they could have been used to attack our users - this whole exercise was about protecting YOU. It had to be done eventually and letting it wait any longer would not have been responsible. There are some things I could have done to make this go smoother and that's on me, but I had a number of unexpected emergencies that kept me from coordinating with our security expert as quickly as I should have. Again, my sincere apologies and if anybody is still having issues please clear your browser cache and cookies then contact me directly on our telegram, discord or admin - at - tentaclerape.net and I will personally take care of it as soon as possible. As it turns out it was a good thing we tested the new software because we were able to identify a previously undetected critical hole; the developer was notified and very quickly issued a patch so kudos to the Shimmie dev team!
  • 02/20/18 - We have recently completed a site upgrade. Please bear with us while we tidy up.
  • 11/15/17 - Join our official Telegram Chat Group! https://t.me/tentaclerape :: We're on Discord too! https://discord.gg/DRfFE8t
  • 11/15/17 - ABSOLUTELY NO USERS OR IMAGES UNDER 18 :: This includes images set in schools or childrens' cartoons.


Elisande World_of_Warcraft elf // 728x410 // 153.7KB Thalyssra World_of_Warcraft elf // 1046x1480 // 1.2MB elf tentacle_rape willing // 1000x653 // 68.4KB 3D centaur comic elf // 1024x1204 // 102.1KB 3D centaur comic elf // 1024x987 // 82.8KB 3D centaur comic elf // 812x1300 // 101.8KB 3D centaur comic elf // 1024x728 // 120.4KB 3D centaur comic elf // 1024x1092 // 127.6KB 3D centaur comic elf // 1024x1092 // 117.3KB 3D centaur comic elf // 1024x1092 // 107.9KB 3D centaur comic elf // 1024x1092 // 105.1KB 3D centaur comic elf // 1024x1092 // 114.9KB 3D centaur comic elf // 1024x1092 // 98.6KB 3D centaur comic elf // 1024x1092 // 129.0KB elf illithid mindflayer tentacle_rape // 1200x1500 // 2.1MB elf tentacle_rape // 960x1280 // 837.5KB elf summoning tentacle_rape // 1235x1746 // 2.0MB elf tentacle_rape willing // 600x600 // 387.8KB elf muscular nipple_latch tentacle_rape // 500x571 // 93.2KB elf redhead tentacles willing // 960x1242 // 771.3KB ahegao elf tentacle_rape // 697x1000 // 87.3KB elf tentacle_rape worm // 500x500 // 86.7KB elf stockings tentacles willing // 1280x1301 // 510.1KB down elf tentacle_rape upside // 1280x1274 // 113.2KB elf tentacle_rape // 600x600 // 86.4KB elf tentacle_rape // 525x700 // 140.5KB artist_cargomancer comic elf tentacles willing // 733x1024 // 548.9KB elf tentacle_rape // 500x750 // 88.1KB
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