Tentacle censored cum internal pisipisi willing x-ray

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Uploader 4leafclover,
Tags Tentacle censored cum internal pisipisi willing x-ray
Source Unknown
Locked No


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raep: source? I really like those

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CheeseCake: this is the fourth type of this image i've seen on this board. it'd be nice to get a source.

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Cuddly Cthulhu: I don't know if the artist has his own website (I've searched), but he goes by the name "pisipisi". His works mostly involve
1) a girl who was created by a boy created a clone of the girl he liked (but who didn't like him at all), then copied his brain and downloaded it into the clone,
2) male-to-female genderswapping,
3) girls getting slugs or tiny squidthings implanted in their ovaries,
4) impregnation or egg implantation by tentacles,
5) combinations of the above.

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CheeseCake: Found it, thanks cuddly.
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oops the wrong one: but still what are those things that go in :\
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MisaxX: where is the source of these awesome images..?
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