Christmas Vaginal krampus willing

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Uploader HebiC,
Tags Christmas Vaginal krampus willing
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HebiC: This was the pic's description:

When naughty girls misbehave, they get punished by Krampus - evidently Chandelle made a deal to get the best of it, and for the second year she ended up panting in pleasure as the goat-headed monster rammed his erection between her legs. This night, she had even let her mind enjoy the feeling of her insides tightening around the huge cock spreading her apart, and she was starting to loosen her grip on the pistol she kept to safeguard their bargain.
Chandelle was rewarded by her trust with a vigorous push from Krampus and a warm feeling gushing in her womb, before he lifted her small frame up and slid out his pulsating cock, letting the last drops of his semen drizzle on her face.

Chandelle is getting more from her agreement with Krampus each year that passes.
Happy St-Nicolas :3
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BADKarma: All of his women look like a guy. In fact, they look like the same guy, which tells me he's using himself as a model, and doesn't actually know any real women.

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sporgasbored: A bit, yes.
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