Planet_of_Terror cum grub insect maggot rape

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Uploader Linnea,
Tags Planet_of_Terror cum grub insect maggot rape
Source Unknown
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- Reply
Desiree91: Thats a really big slug cock...
- Reply
RapeShifter: Ah, yes, another great tribute to the historic Alien-insect Rape scene from that otherwise bad 80's Sci-Fi movie. So arousing every time!
- Reply
Player6543210: @RapeShifter: This is based off a movie?
- Reply
Linnea: It's based on Galaxy of Terror, an odd sci-fi movie notable for a sequence where a lady gets raped by a giant slug and dies from an overwhelming orgasm.

Most of the cast are killed through various means, hers just happens to be through slug sex >.>
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