Tentacle armour brown_hair penetration rape_suit tentacle_rape

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Uploader Asher23,
Tags Tentacle armour brown_hair penetration rape_suit tentacle_rape
Source g.e-hentai.org/g/949199/1606743e10
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- Reply
Maura: Any more of this armour set available? I don't mind waiting my turn, either.
- Reply
HentaiAMC: At least the armor won't be cold in winter and all that =D
- Reply
FoxhoundOH: To make a real set we'd need to do some sort of casting, possibly fill it with tiny, vibrating motors. Possibly coat it in some kind of tingling lubricants. And the most fun part, assemble it on the 'victim' slowly.
- Reply
Sonata: I neeeeeeddddd itttt
- Reply
FoxhoundOH: I'm sure I can make that happen.
- Reply
Maura: Please do
- Reply
Blaze: I'd buy one
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