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  • 11/30/16 - Anything that looks underage will be deleted, this includes images set in schools or children's cartoons as it is clear then that the characters are still underage.
  • 06/20/16 - Please upload only tentacle, monster or alien anime. Pictures of real people, bestiality, guro or loli will be deleted! Please tag your images. Absolutely no users or images under 18.
  • 09/25/15 - Please contact Azrael with any queries, and please report any images you feel do not meet the requirements of the site.


Knight Tentacle armour cumcovered pink_hair rape_suit tentacles_under_clothes willing // 695x900 // 259.0KB Kancolle Tentacle bigboobs black_hair living_suit meatwall rape_suit restrained tentacle_rape zuikaku // 765x1058 // 772.7KB Tentacle blue_hair corruption living_suit magical_girl mind_control possessed rape_suit // 849x1059 // 725.4KB Bowtie Tentacle blonde_hair censored corruption living_clothes rape_suit tentacles_under_clothes // 929x1200 // 923.3KB Bowtie Tentacle blonde_hair censored corruption drooling living_clothes rape_suit tentacles_under_clothes // 929x1200 // 910.0KB Bowtie Tentacle blonde_hair censored drooling eyes_rolled living_clothes rape_suit tentacles_under_clothes // 929x1200 // 905.9KB Bowtie Tentacle anticipation blonde_hair censored living_clothes rape_suit tentacles_under_clothes // 929x1200 // 897.2KB Tentacle blonde_hair cumcovered nun purple_hair tentacle_rape two_girls // 1280x1807 // 433.3KB Rindou Tentacle anticipation meatwall restrained tears // 800x600 // 458.1KB Tentacle cumgushing demon demon_girl eyes_rolled silver_hair spread_legs stomach_bulge // 1280x1817 // 394.9KB Tentacle anticipation cumfilled demon demon_girl silver_hair spread_legs tears tentacle_rape // 1280x1817 // 353.8KB Tentacle angel angel_girl blonde_hair corruption living rape_suit suit // 656x835 // 292.5KB Tentacle armour brown_hair penetration rape_suit tentacle_rape // 1200x1722 // 1.2MB Tentacle anticipation armour before brown_hair rape_suit // 1200x1722 // 1014.5KB Tentacle black_and_white corruption manga possession rape_suit // 1280x1817 // 486.5KB Tentacle black_and_white corruption demon elf living_suit manga possessed rape_suit // 1280x1817 // 448.4KB Tentacle aroused color pink_hair rape_suit swordgirl // 1280x1817 // 392.8KB Tentacle animation birth bulge meatwall restrained willing // 550x500 // 14.3MB Tentacle willing // 970x1400 // 242.9KB Tentacle animation bulge inflation orc willing x-ray // 600x650 // 8.0MB Enni Grigbertz Grigbertz_(artist) Tentacle arms_behind_back ball_gag bondage chain chained chains chase chased chasing collar crawl cute cute_girl drool drooling gag gagged monster restrained saliva salivate salivating slime slime_monster slimemonster tentacle_monster tentacles // 854x678 // 104.3KB Grigbertz_(artist) SUCKING Tentacle arms_behind_back bondage eyeballs floating floating_in_the_air fly flying force forced imminent_rape kim nipple_latch nipple_suck nipple_sucking nipplesucking rape restrained sacrifice suck suckers tentacle_monster tentacles vaginal_penetration // 586x732 // 41.3KB Grigbertz_(artist) Tentacle arms_behind_back bondage demon floating floating_in_the_air fly flying handcuffed imminent_rape kim monster rape restrained sacrifice // 474x731 // 30.2KB Grigbertz_(artist) Tentacle arms_behind_back bondage demon fly flying gate handcuffed handcuffs kim portal restrained sacrifice tentacles // 443x895 // 95.5KB Grigbertz_(artist) Tentacle arms_behind_back bondage demon handcuffed handcuffs imminent_rape kim rape restrained sacrifice tentacles // 583x1074 // 140.4KB Tentacle bulge restrained // 1024x768 // 1.2MB Tentacle artist_BobbyDando birth restrained // 979x1500 // 1000.6KB Tentacle artist_BobbyDando breeding bulge eggs pregnant x-ray // 1029x1500 // 460.1KB
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