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  • 11/30/16 - Anything that looks underage will be deleted, this includes images set in schools or children's cartoons as it is clear then that the characters are still underage.
  • 06/20/16 - Please upload only tentacle, monster or alien anime. Pictures of real people, bestiality, guro or loli will be deleted! Please tag your images. Absolutely no users or images under 18.
  • 09/25/15 - Please contact Azrael with any queries, and please report any images you feel do not meet the requirements of the site.


2girls tentacles // 1024x768 // 1.0MB 2girls cat_ears magic penetrate summoning // 1280x905 // 216.3KB 2girls Tentacle blindfold meatwall multiple_girls plant // 640x480 // 470.0KB 2girls black_hair oviposition socks stomach_bulge // 640x480 // 759.4KB 2girls Tentacle pregnant // 850x1133 // 663.5KB 2girls Tentacle blonde double_penetration elf redhair willing yuri // 724x1024 // 408.8KB 2girls egg_laying tentacle_rape // 1024x780 // 148.9KB 2girls implied_vore insect insect_rape wasp yuri // 500x354 // 50.8KB 2girls futa futanari tentacle_rape tentacles // 759x398 // 530.1KB 2girls tentacle_rape tentacles // 759x421 // 527.6KB 2girls tentacle_rape tentacles // 762x392 // 598.3KB 2girls futa futanari tentacle_rape // 1024x768 // 892.9KB 2girls tentacle_rape witch // 1200x1600 // 1021.7KB 2girls meatwall tentacle_rape // 1145x1509 // 768.4KB 2girls meatwall tentacle_rape // 1145x1509 // 1004.6KB 2girls Facehugger alien tentacle_rape // 800x600 // 131.5KB 2girls Tentacle meatwall // 603x452 // 52.1KB 2girls artist_BobbyDando artist_eldrik eggs lesbian willing // 1280x1280 // 405.2KB 2girls Tentacle double_penetration // 1000x731 // 260.2KB 2girls Vaginal adne8310 anal antennae blush bug bulge censored centipede drooling eggs insect monster multiple_girls nude oviposition parasite pregnant slime tears worms yuri // 900x718 // 613.4KB 2girls corruption monster_girl sex slime_girl transformation // 941x647 // 770.5KB
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